Kristen Hyman Pictures: New Jersey Sheriff’s Deputy, Who Appeared In Adult Films As Domina Nyx, Could Lose Job

Kristen Hyman is gaining some unwanted viral attention, as pictures and video of the adult film star-turned-New Jersey sheriff’s deputy have emerged, and her racy past is making headlines across the country.

The Hudson County sheriff’s officer has been suspended from her job for more than three weeks after she failed to disclose that she appeared in bondage videos as a dominatrix and met with clients privately for money, reported. Hyman was less than a week shy of graduating from the police academy when her racy past came to light, and now her fight to keep her job is becoming a national story.

As the report noted, Kristen Hyman appeared in the adult video between 2010 and 2012 and was not particularly discreet about her work, even going so far as to promote herself on social media. Hyman successfully argued before a New Jersey judge that she had done nothing illegal, and she was granted the right to complete police academy at the start of June.

Hyman now has a disciplinary hearing scheduled later this month, when she will learn if she is able to continue her job as a law enforcement officer.

For her part, Kristen Hyman has owned up to her former work as a dominatrix, calling it “stupid stuff I did when I was a kid.” Hyman also noted that all of her scenes — in which she was seen appearing to choke a man until he passed out — were staged and that she committed no sex acts on camera.

While her legal battle plays out within the sheriff’s department, Kristen Hyman has begun to gain some viral fame and her pictures are spreading across the internet. Many news outlets have picked up on her story and posted some of the more safe-for-work clips of her bondage movies.

While Kristen Hyman’s pictures spread around the internet and her story of going from adult dominatrix movies to police officer has spread worldwide, she has also gained a number of supporters. Many people spoke out in favor of Hyman on social media, saying that her past should not bar her from serving her community as a law enforcement officer. Kristen will find out in a little more than a week if the support has helped; her disciplinary hearing is scheduled for June 27.

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