‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 96 Leaks Tease Beerus’ Secret Strategy, Return Of Top 4 Gods of Destruction

The Tournament of Power is just about to begin, and the final preparations for Dragon Ball Super‘s most ambitious arc are set to be finished within the next couple of weeks. While leaks have been emerging about DBS Episode 96 left and right over the past week, the official Weekly Shonen Jump summary for next week’s episode has been released. If the Shonen Jump leaks are any indication, it appears that Dragon Ball Super‘s July 25 episode would feature quite a lot of plot movement, including the reappearance of the Top 4 Gods of Destruction and the reveal of Beerus’ strategy for the Universe 7 representative team.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96, “The Time Has Come! To the World of Void, Where the Universes’ Fates Will Be Decided!!” would largely feature the arrival of the representative fighters from the participating universes to the Void, where the Tournament of Power would be held, according to noted DBS fan-translator Ken Xyro. During this time, the fighters from the universes which would take part in the battle would likely be interacting with each other for the first time. Considering the previous statements of Frieza’s voice actor about his interaction with Frost, the two villainous characters would likely have their highly anticipated meeting on this episode. Following is the Shonen Jump summary for DBS Episode 96.

“It’s almost time for the Tournament of Power! Goku and co. head for the World of Void!! The Tournament of Power is finally about to begin. Goku and co. head to the World of Void, site of the battle stage! Before they battle against the toughest warriors from other universes, Beerus announces his strategy!! What in the world could this strategy be?!

“Omni-Kings This Week: relaxing before the opening of the Tournament of Power! The Omni-Kings are spending the remaining time until the tournament taking it easy! As they relax, the gods from the universes with the top four highest levels (the ones exempted from the tournament) assemble before them!!”

Considering that most of the universes participating in the Tournament of Power would likely have a grudge against Goku and Universe 7 as a whole, Beerus’ strategy for his team would be extremely pertinent to ensure their survival and victory. Due to Beerus’ lazy and laid-back attitude, however, numerous fans in online forums such as Reddit are speculating that the God of Destruction’s secret strategy for the grand battle royale would likely be simple and obvious, along the lines of “don’t fall off the arena.”

Then again, Beerus himself knows the stakes at play in the Tournament of Power. Thus, there is a good chance that he might actually take things very seriously and come up with a strategy for his team that is both smart and efficient. In the event that Beerus does end up giving ill-informed advice to his fighters, however, there is a good chance that his Angel, Whis, would be the one who would give the U7 fighters some sound strategies. The U7 representative fighters, after all, need all the help they could get in the Tournament of Power.

Apart from Beerus’ strategy, another notable aspect of Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 that has largely stuck out among fans was the return of the Gods of Destruction from the Top 4 universes. While the gods’ universes would not participate in the Tournament of Power, there is a good chance that the deities themselves would play a role in the actual battle royale when it does begin. Thus, it would be interesting to see what the Omni-King and the Grand Priest has in store for the gods.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 96 would be airing on June 25. It would be available for streaming in the United States through services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]