Flying Saucer UFOs Spotted In Formation Over Louisiana, Disappeared Behind ‘Cloud Cloaking Device’

A man in Lafayette, Louisiana, has reported sighting two saucer-shaped UFOs flying in a tight formation through clouds over Lafayette, Louisiana. He observed the mysterious flying saucer UFOs through a pair of binoculars as they passed between clouds, “one on top of the other.” The witness watched through his binoculars as the mysterious UFOs disappeared into a dark cloud that he suspected was an artificially generated “cloaking device.”

The sighting, which occurred at about 5 p.m. on May 27, 2017, is being investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), according to Open Minds TV. MUFON is an organization based on the U.S. that documents and investigates reported alien and UFO sightings around the world.

According to the witness, in a written testimony filed as Case 84059 in MUFON’s reporting database, he spotted two saucer-shaped UFOs flying in a tight formation while looking up at the clouds at a “45-degree angle to the north” through a pair of Redfield 10X50 binoculars. After he was able to focus on the UFOs with his binoculars, he saw that they were flying between the clouds in a very tight formation, one on top of the other. Although the UFO flying underneath the other was moving in a straight line, it traveled continuously along its straight path in a zigzag pattern that the witness described as being “left to right from side-to-side.” But the one on top simply hovered over the one below, traveling in a straight path without fluctuating on its straight path.

“And as soon as I got the focus, there they were two UFOs,” the witness stated in his testimony submitted to MUFON. “One on top the other and in close proximity to each other. The one underneath the other was moving left to right from side-to-side in a straight pattern, while the other one hovered above it.”

He had the impression that the zig-zag pattern of the lower UFO was meant as a signal.

“I kind of got the feeling the bottom one was using the craft to wave at me, as to say, ‘Hey, here we are!’”

The flying saucers were dark-colored, black or dark gray, according to the witness. Both had colored pulsating lights in the front. The lights were white, red, blue, and yellow, the witness observed.

He was unable to see the flying saucers with unaided eyes, but he saw them very clearly through his binoculars. The witness insisted that he had not mistaken ordinary man-made aircraft for UFOs because he could see the objects in the sky “as clear as day” when he looked through his binoculars.

Two UFOs disappear into cloud cloaking device

“These were both saucer-shaped and were a black or dark gray color and both had lights in the front that pulsated back and forth like the Knight Rider car, but only much slower,” he said.

He was unable to capture a video footage because by the time his wife returned from inside the house with his phone camera, the UFOs had disappeared inside a dark cloud. It seemed to the witness that the dark cloud was generated artificially to “cloak” the UFOs. He expressed the suspicion that a “mother ship” hiding behind thick clouds might have produced the dark cloud as a “cloaking device.”

“The cloud seemed to stay there for a while, which I found strange,” he said. “[I thought] something was behind the cloud like a mother ship using a cloud cloaking device, because after it finally cleared up in that area, I couldn’t see the other craft again.”

The stunned witness said that he stayed outside all day with his phone camera, hoping that the UFOs would appear again, but they never returned.

[Featured Image by Oorka/Shutterstock]