Melania’s ‘Happy Birthday’ Card To POTUS Has A Weird Mark And Photo With Ruth Bader Ginsburg Goes Viral

Two things about First Lady Melania Trump are going viral on Friday, June 16. Many people who checked the Twitter account @FLOTUS on Wednesday, June 14, noticed that late into the evening, Melania posted a photo of a card with a presidential seal. The card from Melania simply read, “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” as seen below. The wording immediately took most folks back to the time Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to former President John F. Kennedy, in a sexy, boozy sort of way that made his alleged mistress go viral.

However, with the Internet being what it is, people had tons of questions about Melania’s birthday card to her husband. First off, some folks wondered why Melania’s birthday wishes were posted so late in the day to President Donald Trump. But Melania can be forgiven for her tardiness, because although Twitter immediately floated balloons on President Trump’s Twitter page for his 71st birthday, as reported by the Inquisitr, Melania had other concerns as she thanked the first responders in the tragic shooting that same morning in Alexandria, Virginia.

But by the time Melania posted birthday wishes to the president, the Internet had pulled out its collective magnifying glass to begin asking questions about the digital card.

First off, some people wondered why the card enjoyed a presidential seal, which is usually reserved for communications sent from the president, not to the president.

But as reported by Bustle, many people focused on the weird mark between the “Happy Birthday” and “Mr. President” on the card. Some wondered if it were a stain or some digital marking created to make the digital card look more realistic. However, it could have been a real card simply scanned into a device and uploaded, so it isn’t known if the mark is real or a mistake.

The Internet had fun with trying to determine what the mark on the card sent from Melania to President Trump might be, and whether it represented some sort of signal Melania was attempting to send to the public.

As reported by AOL, folks online are also having fun with the above photo of Melania, President Trump, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and other members of the Supreme Court — all due to the look on Ginsburg’s face.

[Featured Image by Fred Schilling/Supreme Court/AP Images]