'Sister Wives' Update: Janelle Brown Tries To Lose Weight, Is Robyn Pregnant Again?

There's a strong speculation that Sister Wives may be getting a new season this coming fall. After all, Kody Brown's polygamous family has a lot of new things going on these days, starting with the birth of their first grandchild, Axel James Brush.

Baby Axel is turning one month old in a few days. Kody and second wife Janelle's daughter, Maddie Brown Brush, welcomed him last May 22, via a home birth delivery. The first-time mom has been sharing a lot of baby Axel photos on social media lately, as well as her attempt to lose the extra baby weight. Maddie revealed on Instagram that she has partnered with at least two weight-loss products to get back to her pre-baby figure.

Maddie's mom Janelle is also trying to get into shape. Kody's second wife has been promoting her new business venture: Strive With Janelle. It's an online community targeted towards people who are only beginning to adopt an active lifestyle. In an interview, the Sister Wives star said that she's "really passionate about helping people start moving." However, Janelle admitted that she still has a long way to go before she reaches her desired body.

"Look, I'm a work in progress. I gain weight, I lose weight, but I remain physically active because I discovered the amazing quality of life I didn't know I was missing."
Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown
Kody and Janelle Brown welcome baby Axel. [Image by TLC/Twitter]

This week, the 48-year-old sister wife wrote an honest blog post revealing her struggles with getting fit. She admitted that she recently enrolled at a gym class but "chickened out" at the last minute. However, she realized that she needed to do "something radical" in order to achieve change. She happily reported that she's now into weeks at the gym and enjoying the results.

"Finally, after a couple of weeks I have found something else; a new found passion for my workouts! I am working harder, looking forward to my workout time again and my body is responding with changes that are making me happy."
Meanwhile, Kody's fourth wife Robyn can't seem to shake off pregnancy rumors. Last April, Robyn Brown took to Twitter to address pregnancy rumors. She wrote that the articles claiming she's pregnant are just fabrications.
However, according to a Sister Wives Facebook fan group, Robyn Brown was spotted just this month in Las Vegas sporting a visible baby bump. When the fan asked for a photo, Robyn allegedly refused and said she "didn't look ready."

If Robyn is indeed pregnant, this will be her third child with Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown. She has three other children from her previous marriage, who Kody legally adopted.

TLC has yet to officially announce the return of Sister Wives to the channel. The new season will surely revolve around the birth of Kody's first grandchild. Do you think Robyn is likely to reveal her pregnancy on the show?

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