Shania Twain Announces ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ With Her New Album ‘Now’ [Video]

Shania Twain has been away from the recording studio for quite some time. Up! was released in late 2002, so it has been a good 15 years, since the country singer had new music on the charts. That makes Twain’s new album, Now, much anticipated by fans who might have expected the singer to stay retired. The first single from that album is proving Shania is just as gifted at writing and creating new music as she was the last time she took to crooning in front of a microphone.

Shania Twain Offers A New And Revealing Now Single

In sharing news of Shania Twain’s new album, Billboard reveals that her new single is as personal as the chorus is infectious. Like many of Twain’s past hits, “Life’s About to Get Good” is destined to be one of those songs that inspires fans to sing along and dance, but the lyrics tell the story of Shania’s life in the years that she has been away from the public eye.

The Now artist hasn’t had the best time, during her hiatus. After 15 years of marriage, Ms. Twain separated from her husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange. While details of the separation have not been confirmed, rumors suggest that the split was precipitated by an affair between Lange and Marie-Anne Thiébaud, Shania’s former best friend.

Shania Twain, Life's About to Get Good
Shania Twain teases her new album with a single, 'Life's About to Get Good'. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Feeding into the stereotypical themes of country music, “Life’s About to Get Good” explores Shania’s emotional roller coaster, as she sings about love and betrayal in the new Now single.

“Life’s About To Get Good” For Shania’s Fans, Too

Fox News reports that Now will hit the stores on September 29, so there’s still a brief wait for more new music from Twain. In addition to “Life’s About to Get Good,” Now will contain 11 tracks. That’s sure to delight Ms. Twain’s fans, but her more hardcore followers may opt for the expanded deluxe edition of the LP, which boasts a total of 16 tracks.

“Life’s About to Get Good” was released today (June 15) in anticipation of that release. While Shania’s following pretty much guarantees that she doesn’t need to release a single to promote Now, it would just be unlike Twain to not tease a new album with previously unreleased singles.

Shania Twain, Now
Shania Twain's new album, 'Now,' will hit shelves in September. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Are more to come? There’s no word one way or another, but “Life’s About to Get Good” may be enough to satisfy Shania Twain fans until that big September release date.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]