NYC Nanny Gets Odd And Demanding Request From Employers

New York City, NY – A nanny was allegedly offered $30,000 to donate her eggs to her employers. Some nannies are made to feel like one of the family, but the unusual request surpassed the English woman’s comfort level.

The nanny referred to solely by the pseudonym Elizabeth by the Huffington Post due to a non-disclosure agreement with employer, said she made $100,000 per year working for a NYC financier and his wife. She claims she was offered money for her eggs and was also expected to remain an employee and help raise what would have been her own child.sell

The nanny had this to say during an interview:

“They often act as if they own you.”

The woman reportedly left the New York couple’s employ shortly after the proposition of selling her eggs was mentioned. She found another job working as a nanny for another family. It is unknown if the couple offered the same deal to their next nanny.

Working as a nanny in NYC can be a very lucrative gig. Top nannies reportedly make around $180,000 per year and also receive a bonus and allowance to pay rent if they do not live with the employing family. The high salary does not come without obstacles, according to the New York Times. Nannies are allegedly often expected to devote themselves to their employers and the children they help raise.

A Brazilian nanny who was the object of a New York Times profile came to the United States to help lift her own family out of poverty. She initially worked for $100 per week but ultimately garnered a top salary. When the Brazilian nanny left the childcare realm she was able to purchase a Miami penthouse, two houses in Los Angeles, taxi cabs for her brothers, and a condo for her sister.