‘The Walking Dead’: Danai Gurira’s ‘Avengers’ Role Doesn’t Mean Michonne Dies In Season 8

The Walking Dead has many fan-favorite characters and one of them is Michonne. However, viewers are concerned that she might die in Season 8. This is because Danai Gurira was recently cast in Avengers: Infinity War. Due to the filming of both projects taking place around the same time, some believe she will die in the television show. However, there is one good reason why she could live.

According to ComicBook.com, TWD and Avengers: Infinity War may both require Gurira’s presence at the same time. However, the website did some good research and discovered how Danai can be on both projects at once. Apparently, the set locations for both are in Georgia and are a close drive to one another.

Avengers: Infinity War is being filmed in Fayetteville, which is 13 miles from Senoia, where most of the set locations are for The Walking Dead. For those times when the cast shoots at Tyler Perry Studios near Atlanta, the driving distance would be 22 miles.

With distance not being an issue, what about scheduling? What if both projects require Danai Gurira be on set on the same day and at the same time? Other actors have worked with producers to make it work. As an example, Wally Kurth recently said that the producers at Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital talk to one another and work out a schedule. In the interview, the actor said sometimes he goes to one set in the morning, then shoots over to film the other show in the afternoon. It is possible that Gurira has worked something out in her case, too.

With The Walking Dead Season 8 coming up, fans are going to see a bloody war. With so much fast-paced action happening, there probably won’t be a lot of time for characters to have episodes full of dialogue. While filming fight scenes is more strenuous than having long conversations in each episode, it actually makes it easier for Danai to work on both projects.

The camera won’t just be zooming in on Michonne, but will be focusing on all the characters as they get ready for war. Gurira could have her stunt double step in for her when the camera isn’t close to her face. There will also be times when the episodes will be at the Sanctuary, Hilltop Colony, or The Kingdom. Michonne could go out on a supply run or be searching for weapons. With less dialogue and more action, it actually gives her more time to be on the Avengers set.

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, the last time Danai Gurira was seen on The Walking Dead set was on May 9. Now, this doesn’t mean she has been missing, it’s just that she has not been spotted. Of course, since Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) likes to kidnap people so much, perhaps he grabs Michonne and takes her to the Sanctuary. That would certainly explain her not appearing in several episodes without her dying. However, chances are that will not happen. Michonne is too smart and too tough to get caught by Negan and the Saviors.

Are you worried about the possibility of Michonne’s death in The Walking Dead Season 8? Do you think she will work on both TWD and Avengers: Infinity War at the same time?

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