August 8, 2017
12 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Foodie In Your Life

Even though Father's Day is just a few days away, not everyone has purchased their gift(s) yet. For those folks, there is still time to order something and have it in time for Sunday. Food seems to be the rare thing that one can gift yet also share, and with that in mind, here are 12 Father's Day gift ideas for the foodie(s) most important to you:

1) Invivo Wine

A New Zealand-based non-traditional winery, Invivo Wines recently announced a partnership with the U.S. distributor Seaview Imports. The brainchild of New Zealand natives Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron, Invivo has been awarded over 150 medals in wine competition since its 2008 inception. The brand has three offerings available to Americans: Invivo Sauvignon Blanc, Invivo Pinot Noir, and a collaboration with UK talk show host Graham Norton, a special edition Sauvignon Blanc. As the Invivo website states, "Made from grapes, time and two maxed out credit cards. 100% NZ, 0% BS."

2) Louis Pommery

Also new to the U.S. market is Louis Pommery, courtesy of the legendary French champagne house Champagne Pommery. The brand's first California sparkling wine, Louis Pommery officially launched this month with an event at New York's Public Hotel. Made of 96 percent chardonnay and 4 percent pinot noir, a bottle can be enjoyed with a meal or just on its own. Currently stated retail price per bottle is $24.


3) Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters

If a red is more ideal for the recipient of your Father's Day gift, then you may want to consider the new Red Wine Blend from Cooper & Thief Cellarmasters. The brand's 2014 vintage is barrel aged — as done for three months — composed of 38 percent merlot, 37 percent syrah, 11 percent zinfandel, and a further mix of petite sirah, cabernet, and other red blenders. All of Cooper & Thief's grapes come from California vineyards, as overseen by master cellar master Jeff Kasavan.

4) Wonder+Well Juice Boxes

For those who don't imbibe and/or should be drinking more water, Wonder+Well's organic juice boxes serve multiple purposes. Organic fruit-infused water that is free of sugar, sweeteners, gluten, and calories, Wonder+Wall's sole ingredients are purified water, organic fruit flavors, and organic natural flavors. Currently, strawberry, peach and watermelon are the available flavors, as sold in packs of eight. Easily fits in a lunchbox, a briefcase, a suitcase, and/or shirt pocket.

Detox fruit infused flavored water displayed in two jars.
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5) Full Moon Dust Box by Moon Juice

Moon Dusts are custom blends of adaptogenic superherbs and supermushrooms. Moon Juice's Full Moon Dust Box includes 12 Moon Dust sachets -- two each of Spirit, Beauty, Power, Brain, Dream, and Sex -- beyond its Moon Dust Cosmic Cooklet. The dusts aim to nourish the body and combat the effects of stress, and they can be easily added to coffee, tea, milk, water, or smoothies. And in case that product name is of interest, the Moon Juice brand also offers an Adaptogenic Moon Shake Package.


6) La Tienda's Tapas For Two

Not only are many of us preparing for Father's Day, but picnic season is among us. La Tienda is a one-stop solution for your picnic needs as its kits and sets will please all sorts of diners. Tapas For Two, priced at $59.95, is full of Spanish meats, olives, nuts, and cookies. The Conservas De Cambados Galician Seafood Gift Box includes sardinillas, mejillones, zamburinas, and pulpo. The Bocadillo Sandwich Kit is a fun take on a DIY sandwich bar. Many of these kits' items are also available for individual or a la carte purchasing.

7) Snake River Farms' Bocuse d'Or Gold Medal Collection

Snake River Firms is a premium producer of American wagyu beef, as used by top chefs like Thomas Keller, Hugh Acheson, Grant Achatz, Wolfgang Puck, Michael Mina, Masaharu Morimoto, and Charlie Palmer. Part of a proprietary herd, the brand's cattle is raised along the high plain of Eastern Idaho's Snake River. The American Wagyu Grilling Set is rightfully billed as everything you need to grill this summer, including American wagyu steaks, hot dogs, and ground beef. Meanwhile, the Bocuse d'Or Gold Medal Collection, as created to celebrate Team USA's success at Bocuse d'Or, highlights the best of Snake River Farm's Gold Grade beef; for each Bocuse set purchased, Snake River Farms will donate $25 to the BKB Foundation.

Grilling a thick tomahawk ribeye chop steak steak on an outdoor backyard garden grill.
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8) Just Spices BBQ Popcorn Seasoning

Everyone with a decent-sized kitchen has a spice rack, but not everyone fills their spice racks with great spices. But for those fathers that like to grill, Just Spices offers almost two dozen spices that suit grilling. Just Spices' BBQ Popcorn Seasoning is full of paprika and garlic, adding a nice kick to your kernels. The brand's Pancake Blend also sounds very interesting.


9) Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses 2 pack from Root7

Handcarved from high-quality natural pink rock salt mined from the Himalayas, Root7's salt shots are made from 100 percent solid salt. Sold in sets of two and four -- the four-pack is accompanied by a solid Acacia wood serving board -- Root7's product is ideal for any tequila drinker or anyone seeking some extra salt in their beverage of choice. The salt shots are easy to clean, especially when considering that salt is naturally antibacterial.

10) Matthews 1812 House Desserts

Specializing in handmade specialty desserts, Matthews 1812 House offers a mouthwatering line of bourbon-themed sweets. Its unique products include Bourbon Blonde Brownies, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Torte, and Caramel Bourbon Sauce. Matthews 1812 House also offers traditional cakes and bars, in addition to sugar-free and gluten-free items. There is absolutely something for anyone with a sweet tooth.


11) Antidote Chocolate

For someone seeking a more traditional form of chocolate, Antidote Chocolate's "serious chocolate" is produced in Ecuador. The Brooklyn-based company, as launched in 2010 by Red Thalhammer, is known to incorporate actual bits of fruits, nuts, salts, and spices into its bars. Whether you seek milk, dark, or flavor fusion, Antidote's bars — which are low in sugar — range from 56 percent cacao (milk chocolate, strawberry milk chocolate) to raw 100 percent cacao. The brand notably won Great Taste UK Gold awards in 2014 for its Lavender + Red Salt (84 percent cacao) and Coffee + Cardamon (73 percent cacao) bars.

12) Dryel Stain Pen

With all these food and drink options, it is inevitable that someone is going to wind up with some stains on their clothing. In anticipation of that possibility, you may want to consider purchasing a Dryel Stain Pen. Unlike other stain removers, Dryel's works on dry-clean-only clothes, delicates, and hand-washables, in addition to it containing no peroxides. Furthermore, because its nubs aren't fabric-based, the infamous stink that other pens may offer isn't there when Dryel is used on clothing.


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