LeBron James Wants Revenge On Warriors, Determined To Win 2018 NBA Finals

LeBron James is determined to lead his team the Cleveland Cavaliers back to the NBA Finals next season. King James is said to be out for blood and revenge when the new season starts this fall, and he has his sights set on the Golden State Warriors yet again.

Hollywood Life reports that LeBron James is “not taking the NBA Finals loss lightly.” The Ohio native says that the baller is already working behind the scenes to make sure that the Cavs will return to the Finals for a fourth consecutive year and win their second title.

James has allegedly already spoken to management about being fully committed to getting the pieces the Cavs need to compete with The Warriors top heavy roster. LeBron is said to be all about getting some fresh blood in Cleveland and making sure that the team not only returns to the NBA finals in 2018 but that they also walk away with a championship. However, James says he isn’t looking to build a so-called super team, revealing in a post-game press conference that he “doesn’t believe” in all that.

“He has already spoken to the team management, [and wants to make sure the team is] fully committed to free agency and [they’ll] bring in players that will not only get them back to the NBA Finals but also win it.”

LeBron James wants to beat the warriors in next year's finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have some options in the offseason and could have the chance to pick up some very talented players. While the NBA rumor mill is already churning out gossip, a lot of Cavs fans are hoping that another superstar like Carmello Anthony or Paul George, who are both reportedly set to leave their current teams this summer, will end up alongside Lebron James in Cleveland.

Sources reveal that if Cleveland can give LeBron the pieces he’s been asking for, such as a dynamic play maker, the odds of him staying in a Cavs uniform for many more years to come will be significantly higher. James, 32, is currently playing the best basketball of his career, but his age will begin to become a factor in the coming years, and he may have to pass the torch of team leader to a young player, like his teammate Kyrie Irving. But before that happens The King is likely looking to add a couple more championship rings to his collection.

LeBron James fights off Kevin Durant and Steph Curry during 2017 NBA Finals.

What are your thoughts about LeBron James desire to return to the NBA Finals next year?

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