‘The Challenge: Champs Vs. Pros’ Results: Who Went Home In Episode 5?

It was a drag-out battle on The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros last night on MTV as the Final 10 was determined. We are heading into The Challenge finale next week, but the 10 contestants competing had to be determined first. Find out The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros 2017 results from last night below.

One of the big highlights of the week had to be Lolo Jones and Lindsey Jacobellis burying the hatchet between them. They have been at odds all season long, but a bonding moment over both losing gold medals during the Olympics ended that squabble.

From there, it was time to start a new week of challenges on Champs vs. Pros and host Victor Cruz laid a twist on them. For Week 5, there was a double elimination, as both the women’s and men’s teams would face elimination. That meant a guy and girl had to be team captain. It ended up being Lolo Jones and Louie Vito for the Pros and CT and Cara Maria for the Champs.

As far as the challenge goes, it was called “Over the Line” and was all about testing endurance. It was done in same-sex rounds, as the players were tied to harnesses and had to drag their opponents across a certain line in the sand.


The Pro women easily beat the women on the Champs. However, the men on the Champs had a weight advantage on the Pro men and they pulled out the victory. This meant there was a tiebreaker, so it was the team captains battling it out on The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros. CT and Cara Maria won this one, which meant Lolo and Louie were headed to the elimination. Victor Cruz surprised the players again, as he told them the Champs would have to nominate a guy and girl and they would battle the Pros in the elimination.

The winning team captains had to do the nominations. Since Cara Maria could not nominate her friend Camila, that meant Ashley M. was the nominee and she was not happy about it, as this was her third time heading into elimination. Wes volunteered for the guys, so that took some stress off of CT.


The elimination was called “Going the Distance” and had the players unwinding ropes through a jungle gym. We saw Wes easily beating Louie Vito, which meant that Louie was eliminated and Wes headed to another finale on The Challenge. Everyone thought that Lolo Jones would easily beat Ashley M., but Ashley held her own and wore down Lolo. However, it was not enough and Lolo did win. Ashley M. was sent home but did get a nice $5,000 donation to her charity from Lolo before heading home.

The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros 2017 finale airs next Tuesday at 9/8c on MTV!

[Featured Image by Lars Niki/Getty Images]