DLC For ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Is Coming Later This Year Including A New Dungeon Pack, ‘Clockwork City’

During the Bethesda presentation at E3 2017, two new pieces of downloadable content were announced for The Elder Scrolls Online. A new dungeon DLC and a story-driven DLC are expected to release later this year. Right now, players of the MMORPG are currently enjoying the first expansion, Morrowind, but more DLC is on the way.

Like Shadows of the Hist, the upcoming Horns of the Reach DLC simply unlocks access to new dungeons. Two new dungeons are part of the pack with new achievements, items, and monster masks. Players can buy the Horns of the Reach DLC or gain access to its dungeons by subscribing to ESO Plus. Alongside the dungeon DLC, a separate patch will also release at the same time adding a new Battleground map and mode. The Battleground additions of the free patch will require Morrowind, but everything else in the update will be available to all players as stated on the official site.

Horns of the Reach will release in August, and the Clockwork City DLC will follow it later in the year. The Clockwork City DLC is a more traditional pack with over 10 hours of content featuring Sotha Sil’s creation of the same name. According to Bethesda.net, players will not be required to own Morrowind to enjoy the content in Clockwork City.

The Elder Scrolls Online Horns of the Reach DLC consists of two dungeons

Both Horns of the Reach and Clockwork City can be purchased from the Crown Store individually. Since they are considered DLCs, both are also included in the ESO Plus subscription. The optional subscription also includes a monthly stipend of 1,500 Crowns, bonus experience, double the bank space, and much more.

Until these new DLC packs release, players of The Elder Scrolls Online are exploring Morrowind. As the Inquisitr reported, the expansion includes the new Warden class and other new features. Most notably, the new area of Vvardenfell is part of the expansion with new dungeons to explore, delves to conquer, and skill points to collect. A higher Champion Point cap and adjustments to leveling experience were also part of Update 14.

The Elder Scrolls Online Clockwork City DLC release window

Morrowind is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Both upcoming DLCs are likely to release across all platforms at or around the same time for all players of The Elder Scrolls Online.

[Featured Image by Bethesda]