Kim Kardashian Reportedly Wants Third Baby Via Surrogate, But Is Kanye West On Board?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already have two adorable kids, wide-eyed Saint and perky North West. But for months, Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers have listened to Kim refer to the possibility of having a third baby. Kardashian has been candid about pregnancy problems in the past, and she’s even talked on Keeping Up With The Kardashians about the possibility of having one of her sisters serve as the surrogate.

Now a new report claims that Kim has decided that having that much desired third baby via surrogate is the optimal solution, but there’s allegedly just one problem. Kanye West reportedly isn’t on board. Life & Style told readers on June 15 that the couple disagrees, citing an insider on what’s going on between Kim and Kanye.

“Kim Kardashian wants baby no. 3, but Kanye West is like nah.”

Kardashian and West allegedly had a trial separation that lasted for six weeks earlier in 2017, according to Life & Style. However, although Kim’s and Kanye’s marriage is now reportedly “back on track,” the magazine’s insider claimed that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s frequently stated desire for a third baby has become a problem because West allegedly is not a fan of adding another child to their family.

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The mom of 3-year-old North and 18-month-old Saint reportedly has definitely decided that she wants Saint and North to have another sibling. But when it comes to West, he allegedly is not on board with that third baby plan.

However, the source revealed that despite Kanye’s reported hesitancy about another kid, Kim has a solution.

“[Kanye] doesn’t want a third child, but Kim thinks she’s found a way around that.”

While Keeping Up With The Kardashians has turned the camera on the possibility that one of Kardashian’s family members, such as Khloe Kardashian, could be her surrogate, the insider offered up a new twist on the surrogate story. Kim allegedly is hoping to discover a surrogate outside of California, where she and West live.

Kanye West reportedly isn't thrilled with the idea of a third baby.

That chosen surrogate could then carry an embryo that Kardashian and Kanye had frozen, according to the source. The reason given for Kim’s desire to look outside of her home state has to do with surrogacy laws, clarified the insider.

“[Kim] wants to choose someone outside of the state of California, where there are all kinds of surrogacy laws.”

This process sounds as if it could take sometime, involving first the search for a possible surrogate in another state and then the medical procedure itself. But it could still happen sooner than anyone might expect, according to the source.

“She’s ready to go,” added the insider.

As for the issues that have caused Kim to look for alternatives for getting pregnant with her third baby, she has shared them on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kardashian recently told viewers that becoming pregnant again could be dangerous to her health after having gone through two high-risk deliveries already.

But Kim has also shared with Keeping Up With The Kardashians viewers that she wants North and Saint to have more siblings despite her doctors’ concerns.

“I’m gonna try to have one more baby,” said Kardashian recently on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

“I want my kids to have siblings but the doctors don’t feel like [it’s] safe for me.”

The TV star has experienced a condition known as placenta accreta twice, which happens when the placenta remains attached inside the uterus rather than coming out with the baby. The procedure that had to be done after North was born was “the most painful experience of my life,” Kardashian once recalled.

However, with the possibility of having a surrogate as the solution, Kim reportedly is now prepared to have that little sister or brother to play with North and Saint. The only issue, according to the insider, is whether Kanye will “give in” and agree to Kardashian’s third baby surrogacy plans.

Kim Kardashian wants her daughter North West to have another sibling in addition to her brother Saint.

What will life be like if and when that third baby joins North and Saint? E News reported on June 15 that Kardashian and West make a sincere effort to give their children a normal life.

Based on what North has experienced, baby number three may experience a life of typical childhood milestones (Disneyland, anyone?) and only-in-the-Kardashian-family events (it’s time for an Instagram pose that millions will view). As North turns four today, she’s expected to star in everything from parties to Instagram pictures.

Kim and Kanye have reportedly gone to extra lengths to give their kids opportunities to experience events like other children their age, however. So while Kardashian’s mom Kris Jenner arranges for an uber-extravagant Christmas Eve party, North and Saint get to meet Santa Claus.

Halloween costumes are part of the fun for West’s and Kardashian’s children. And although safety remains a concern, North’s mom and dad even let her go to friends’ birthday parties like the other kids her age.

To celebrate their children’s birthdays, Kim and Kanye arrange themed parties like other kids, complete with cake (and more famous individuals than the average kid). But above all, if that third baby does join North and Saint, the youngster can expect to hear the family motto repeated often: “Family over everything.”

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