Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Get Matchy-Matchy Butterfly Tattoos — Does It Mean They Are Getting Engaged?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have made it nearly official! The romance between Kylie and Travis just keeps getting hotter and more adorable, with engagement rumors swirling everywhere. But the Lip Kit maven and rapper have taken a step that’s so real, they hardly need an engagement ring. Kylie and Travis love their tattoos, and their new tattoo idea is sizzlingly suggestive that they love each other too.

The two showed off matching butterfly tattoos on Snapchat Monday night. They even made sure the tattoos are on the same spot on their ankles, and the most adorable part is that each one has only half of the whole butterfly. Kylie’s is on the back of her right leg and Travis’ is on the back of his left ankle.

Us Weekly shared that when Jenner and Scott put their ankles together, the two tattoos “make a whole butterfly.”

For fans who are hoping this is the real thing, the half-and-half butterfly is a super-sweet sign that Kylie and Travis are in love. Scott has already admitted that he thinks his relationship with Jenner is “the real deal,” and the cute images are sending a message that he means it.

The rapper has used butterflies to allude to Kylie and there seems to be a real connection for him between the social media queen and the fluttery-winged creatures. Scott and Jenner fans think the new ink means that something really important is happening between the two.

After his May release of “Butterfly Effect,” which is probably about Kylie Jenner, Travis shared a pic on Instagram of Kylie, captioned with the name of the song.

BUTTERFLY EFFECT ????????????????????

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Scott and Jenner haven’t made an official announcement about their romance, but they’ve been almost constantly in each other’s company since they were first spotted at Coachella last April. According to E! News, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been spotted strolling, making out, and just hanging together everywhere from Boston to L.A. in the last few months.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner were busy at Coachella, but Kylie still found time for new flame, Travis Scott.
Kylie and Kendall Jenner were busy at Coachella, but Kylie still found time for new flame, Travis Scott. [Image by Todd Oren/Getty Images]

Kylie’s new ink is especially meaningful for the reality star. She already has a “t” for Tyga on her left ankle, but now the new matching ink with Scott lets that earlier initial stand for Travis instead of Tyga. The Daily Mail shared that the flying insect with famously beautiful wings is probably a new symbol for Travis and Kylie’s romance.

The two love to use the butterfly emoji to send special messages to each other ever since Travis’ song dropped.

What do you think? Is the matching tattoo just as important as an engagement ring for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott?

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