Kathleen Martin, 31-Year-Old Mother Of Three, Says 16-Year-Old Boyfriend Is ‘Delighted’ To Be A Father

A 31-year-old mother of three who got pregnant by her 16-year-old lover after meeting him on Facebook says the teenager is “delighted” to be a father despite his young age.

It’s unlikely Jack Fucile wanted to become a 16-year-old father when he messaged “that MILF” Kathleen Martin on Facebook, but the boy got the whole package: he had sex with a woman twice his age, got her pregnant, delivered their baby himself, and is now a proud father.

In what seems like a bizarre story, Kathleen Martin claims she and Jack Fucile are a “happy family.”

It’s usually older men who are accused of messaging younger girls on Facebook and trying to have sex with them, only to disappear from their lives once they do, but Jack Fucile, now 18-years-old, broke all Facebook stereotypes when he decided to message a mother nearly twice his age and offer her to help her with her garden.

Their romance started in June of 2015 after Jack Fucile visited Kathleen Martin’s house in Peterlee, County Durham. At the time, Martin was 31-years-old and already a mother of two from previous relationships.

Jack Fucile had been taking care of Kathleen Martin’s garden at her house for seven months before the mother-of-two found out she was pregnant with Fucile’s child.

But the teenager did not freak out and disappear from her life – like pretty much any other 16-year-old would do – and was mature enough to make the decision to stay and raise his child with the woman.

In fact, Jack Fucile was brave enough to deliver their baby himself when Kathleen Martin suddenly went into labor one night — and he didn’t even pass out in the process.

Kathleen Martin gushed to the Sun that Jack Fucile delivered the baby in five minutes as he was guided by the hospital over the phone through the birth process after her water suddenly broke one night.

Kathleen Martin says she had been to the hospital five times with labor pains, but doctors kept telling her that she needed more time before giving birth. Jack Fucile helped save the lives of his lady and child by being brave enough to deliver the baby with his bare hands.

“When Jay gets older we will tell him how his daddy brought him into the world and tell him what a good job he did.”

Kathleen Martin, who can’t stop complimenting her boyfriend almost half her age, says they went to the hospital afterward and their son, Jay, now 9-months-old, was checked by doctors. Jay, weighing six pounds, was a healthy baby, doctors told the new parents.

Interestingly, the eldest of Kathleen Martin’s kids is only five years younger than Jack Fucile. Her lover’s mom, Angela, meanwhile, is only eight years older than Martin.

And Kathleen Martin admits that Angela was understandably shocked about her son’s relationship with the woman almost twice his age. She was probably no less shocked when that woman fell pregnant by her son.

Nevertheless, they are all a big, happy family, as revealed by Kathleen Martin, who says Jack Fucile is mature for his age. Saying that her 18-year-old boyfriend is “delighted” to be a father, Martin noted that while his friends go out for drinks, Jack is at home being a good daddy to Jay.

Jack Fucile, who misses out on those drinks with his mates, told the publication that he was “in shock” after delivering his baby himself, but he was quick to add that he is “proud of myself for doing it.”

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