11-Year-Old’s Parents Sell Her For Sex, Charge $15

A British couple is being charged for allegedly pimping out their 11-year-old daughter. They were reportedly charging a 76-year-old man $15 per session to rape their daughter.

The girl, who is now 15, is said to have been pimped out by her parents over a five-year period. The girl’s parents and abuser were arrested on the Spanish island of Majorca, a vacation spot.

Authorities claim that the girl’s mother took her daughter to meet the man on each occasion, for which the mother charged between £12 and £16 — about $15 to $20.

The child was reportedly ordered to leave her home and join the elderly man, who would lock her in a room and subject her to sexual assaults. The Spanish newspaper Ultima Hora claims the victim was raped on these occasions.

The girl’s parents are suspected of corrupting a minor, sexual assault, and inciting their daughter to escape from home care. They were arrested and released on bail while an investigation continues.

The 76-year-old patron was also arrested and released on bail. He is suspected of child sexual assault. He allegedly suffers health problems related to his age.

Authorities in Palma Nova, Majorca, are looking after the couple’s children.

Sexual assault brings great harm to children, but cases in which parents are aware of — or even participants in — the abuse are even more unthinkable.

One woman shared her story of childhood sexual assault with The Daily Mail, admitting that her father and stepmother were present when she was assaulted by her father’s friends. She shares what happened when she tried to tell her mother about the abuse:

“I told her that a man Dad knew had touched my vagina when I was younger. She told me not to tell lies about Dad’s friends, and then told Dad. He got very angry, so I never told anyone again. The abuse by Dad’s friend … got worse. I was never raped, but I was seriously sexually assaulted, and he kept saying, ‘One day you’ll be mine.’ I was so traumatized, I wet the bed until I was 18.”

What do you think should happen to the parents who sold their daughter for sex?