Rebecca Sugar Says ‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Murder Mystery Is Not Over

Steven Universe Season 5 is currently on a hiatus with no official return date yet announced. With the events that unfolded in Episode 4, entitled “Lars’ Head,” series creator Rebecca Sugar explains that the Cartoon Network series’ murder mystery is “not over.”

Steven Universe Season 5 spoilers reveal that the show will continue to explore the murder mystery that has unraveled in the latest episode of the show before it went on another hiatus. Speaking to the Rolling Stone, series creator Rebecca Sugar said that the mystery surrounding Pink Diamond’s death will not be immediately given resolution once the CN series returns with new episodes.

“This is a murder mystery,” she said. “And it’s not over.”

As seen in the latest episode of Steven Universe Season 5, Steven was put on trial for the murder of Pink Diamond. While Steven was able to successfully defend himself with the help of Zircon, the mystery surrounding Pink Diamond’s death remains.

A popular theory on Steven Universe Season 5’s murder mystery is that Yellow Diamond was the one responsible for the death of Pink Diamond. This is quite an obvious choice given Yellow Diamond’s relationship with Pink Diamond, but it is believed that the character responsible for her death will surprise viewers.

Other fans believe that Rose Quartz was behind Pink Diamond’s shattering on Steven Universe Season 5. After all, the show has been exploring Rose’s past and revealing the mistakes she has committed.

Steven Universe Season 5 has also unfolded Steven’s new power after successfully healing Lars and bringing him back to life. During the said episode, Steven discovered that he is now able to access his mother Rose Quartz’s pocket dimension.

Sugar’s earlier interview with The Verge also revealed that Steven will continue to discover more of his powers and abilities in the upcoming episodes of Steven Universe Season 5. According to the series creator, much of the previous seasons of the Cartoon Network series has shown Steven put everyone else’s needs before his own.

Throughout the rest of Steven Universe Season 5, however, viewers will finally see him turn to himself and become the person that he wants to be, not what his family wants him to be. Sugar explained that this is necessary instead of focusing on what he needs to do to follow Rose Quartz’s footsteps.

Sugar also teased that Steven Universe Season 5 will get “deeper,” which means that Steven will realize the importance of other kinds of powers aside from the Gem powers. The series creator explained that Steven will explore powers that human beings have such as the ability to make their own decisions.

Who do you think was responsible for Pink Diamond’s death on Steven Universe Season 5?

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