‘Southern Charm’ Shep Rose Feels Like This Season He Is Being Ganged Up On For Breaking Bro Code And More

It is part of the formula for most reality shows that each season there is a villain or a bad guy and on this season of Southern Charm, it’s fan favorite Shep Rose, or at least it feels that way to him. And tonight on Southern Charm, Shep is being called out by new guy Austen for hitting on Chelsea just after he blew off Cameran after drinking and partying the night before their meeting. Shep has told his fans on social media that he will be setting the record straight come reunion time, but is the damage already done? Is it a case of bad behavior catching up to Shep or is he the victim of editing?

Well, Shep had to know something was up on Season 4 of Southern Charm first when he had the confrontation with Landon, his one-time biggest fan. From Shep’s perspective, he was taking Landon aside at her Roam party to tell her that she had behaved badly, and like a snob to his Yotme friends by saying that she pays for nothing and that she knows “billionaires and not millionaires.” Since that time, Landon has either spoken ill of Shep, especially to Austen and Craig, or avoided him entirely. The other reason Shep should have known that something was up this season involved the Southern Charm cameras following him to see his physician Dr. Billy. Shep met again with the doc to get his blood test results and found out that partying had put some strain on Shep’s liver.

“You don’t have liver failure right now, but it’s a little inflamed.”

After that, Shep Rose was going to have a hard time arguing that life hadn’t gone at least a bit off the rails, at least temporarily.

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Up until now on Southern Charm, Shep Rose has mostly managed to stay above the fray with kind of a teflon coating but even now that things are catching up to him, he still interacts with his fans in a typical “aw shucks” kind of manner. On Twitter, a fan complimented him on his ability to stay out of the drama. But in his typical Shep Rose style, he told the fan who was still on Season 3 to look out.

“Stay tuned. I’m about thigh deep this year. Managed to keep my boots clean for 3 seasons though. Not bad.”

Shep interacts with fans on a variety of topics, from travel, politics, sports and the works of Charles Bukowski all without a nasty word unlike some of his cast mates. But Shep did tip his hand suggesting that he felt that things were not going his way this season on Southern Charm when a fan on Twitter asked him what was up on Season 4.

“Why is Shep the bad guy this season? He is nothing but honest in his relationships. He doesn’t play games.”

He told the fan he agreed and that he plans to set “the record straight” soon.

“Kindly wait for the reunion. I will set the record straight. I agree I’m getting railroaded. This season has been frustrating to watch.”

And Shep has a point, because up until now, the guy has really gotten no bad press other than maybe the suggestion that he was a Peter Pan and a middle-aged frat boy, but in appearances on Andy Cohen’s WWHL and on the Southern Charm reunion shows, he owned these monickers with a bit of self-awareness that indicated that he knew it couldn’t go on forever, lest he end up like cast member Thomas Ravenel who at nearly 55 was still chasing girls in undergrad.

But the tide is turning and the names being used for Shep Rose are no longer benevolent. In a recent Vulture article, Brian Moylan didn’t mince words when he spoke of Shep violating bro code when he hit on Chelsea knowing that Chelsea and Austen were a thing.

“Speaking of dumb rich guys, Shep shows up at Chelsea’s apartment seemingly unannounced and it is really creepy and I don’t like it. The whole thing had the vibe of the first reel of a horror film starring Shia LaBeouf.”

He goes on to liken Shep to a beer-soaked ping-pong table in a fraternity basement when he stands up to Cameran because he spent the night partying. Out of concern for Shep, Cameran has to let herself into his house to find him fully clothed, still in bed with “every surface covered in full ashtrays, Natural Light bottles, and masculine tears.”


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And on the previews, it is clear that things will only get worse for Shep tonight because Chelsea is going to tell Austen that Shep put the moves on her big time, getting sloppy and trying to kiss her, and it will be payback time for Shep, who ironically lectured Austen about bro code earlier this season. Paybacks buddy, paybacks.

Do you think Shep is getting the short end of the stick on Southern Charm Season 4?

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