Paula Lane, Nevada Woman, Survives On Tomatoes, Snow When Stranded In Sierra Mountains [Video]

A Nevada woman who got stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains survived for six days by eating tomatoes and snow and huddling in a hollow tree for warmth at night.

According to ABC News, Paula Lane of Gardnerville, Nevada and her boyfriend, Roderick Clifton of Citrus Heights, California, had diverted from a trip home to go four-wheeling in Clifton’s Jeep on November 29 when they got stuck in a snowdrift in Hope Valley, south of Lake Tahoe.

The two did not have cell service and spent the night in the car. The next morning, Clifton, 44, decided to go for help but died in the snow.

After a few days, Lane, 46, decided that she was on her own and set out on foot. As she hiked toward the highway, she found Clifton’s body in the snow. She later took shelter in the well of a hollowed-out tree as another snowstorm moved through the area and sustained herself on tomatoes and snow.

Though Clifton died trying to reach help, Lane was discovered on Wednesday by her brother who tirelessly searched for the woman and never gave up hope that they would bring her home alive.

Her sister, Linda Hathaway, told reporters that God was looking over Lane.

“My sister is doing well,” she said. “The family has been through a lot. My nephews and my mom and I are very happy she made it. It’s been a rough haul waiting all those days.”

Hathaway added that Lane, the mother of 11-year-old twin boys, Hayden and Samuel, is eager to get home to them.

“All I can tell you, is she wants to get better so she can get home to her babies,” she said. “It is hard to sit there as a family waiting. You don’t know, your mind plays (through) so many things.”

The Tahoe Daily Tribune reports Lane suffered from first-degree frostbite on her toes and was malnourished. She could be discharged as early as Sunday.

More on Paul Lane’s miraculous Sierra mountains survival story in the video below: