WWE Rumors: Injured Superstar To Make Big Return Tonight On ‘Monday Night Raw,’ Storyline Already In Place

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is already looking to be a big one with the return of an angry Brock Lesnar and the Hardy Boyz going for gold, but there is more. Rumors are starting to fly that an injured superstar could return to WWE television as soon as tonight after being sent home early from the Raw European tour last month. While originally thought to be much more serious, it looks as if Emma is coming back.

Last month, during WWE’s European tour, Emma was sent home early after injuring her shoulder during a six-woman tag match. While in the ring with Sasha Banks, Emma hit the mat hard and was in severe pain as she grabbed at her shoulder.

That was when the referee threw up the dreaded “X” symbol to let the people in the back know that there was a legitimate injury. Since the injury occurred, Emma hasn’t said a lot regarding her status or how she has been feeling, but she is ready to return.

According to Cageside Seats, Emma could return to WWE television as soon as this evening’s Monday Night Raw, and there is already a storyline in place for her comeback.

wwe rumors monday night raw emma return injury
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While it isn’t yet known what she will be doing or where in the Raw women’s division she will place upon her return, it does seem as if Emma will be doing something with Mickie James and Dana Brooke. The two women have been working together over the past couple of weeks since James had a full-on babyface turn.

This shouldn’t be overly surprising as Emma has been partnered with Dana Brooke on many occasions in the past. They often teamed together in NXT and were even partnered together on Raw last year before Emma’s serious back injury, which put her out of commission for more than six months.

Still, it could be rather different this time around since Dana Brooke has been acting as a babyface lately.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Emma actually returned to the ring on Friday night as WWE had a house show in Mississippi. Emma teamed up with Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax to take on the team of Mickie James, Dana Brooke, and Sasha Banks in a match where all went well.

Not only was Emma working well in the ring, but she was actually taking bumps and landing on her shoulder. It seems as if the injury has fully healed up, and the WWE superstar can finally return to action full time and hopefully avoid any further injuries.

wwe rumors monday night raw emma return injury
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Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw is packed full with more than enough to fill a full three hours of wrestling. The official website of WWE released their final preview for Raw over the weekend, and it details a lot of big selling points for the fans.

  • Will Brock Lesnar bring the pain to Samoa Joe?
  • The Hardy Boyz challenge Cesaro & Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Titles in anticipated rematch.
  • Who is Enzo Amore & Big Cass’ attacker?
  • Can Alexa Bliss evade Nia Jax’s fury?
  • Is Bray Wyatt coming for The Kingslayer?
  • Will Dean Ambrose strike again?

WWE needs a lot of help in the ratings department, and that is especially true for Monday Night Raw. The return of Emma is very good for the women’s division, and she could end up competing for Alexa Bliss’ title very soon. Still, there is much more to tonight’s episode, which will include Matt and Jeff Hardy trying to regain their titles and an overly angry Brock Lesnar looking to get revenge on Samoa Joe.

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