Barron’s Fidget Spinner Toy: Video Of Anxiety-Reducing Gadget Gets 30K Views, Barron Wins ‘Normal Kid’ Praise

President Donald Trump stepped off of Air Force One on Sunday, June 11, but it was Barron Trump who stole the show with a red fidget spinner toy that Barron spun as he exited the plane. As seen in the below video, President Trump waved, and Barron took a moment to twirl his fidget spinner as the Trump Family left Air Force One in the wake of arriving at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. President Trump, Melania, and Barron returned to Washington after a weekend spent at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, wherein President Trump made news for crashing a wedding on a day that a double rainbow appeared, as reported by the Inquisitr.

By the time Barron, President Trump and Melania stepped off of Marine One, it appears from photos that Barron had put the fidget spinner away. Melania, however, held tightly to a Hermes Birkin bag that is causing as much buzz on social media as Barron’s fidget spinner. With Barron being born on March 20, 2006, the 11-year-old represents the first young boy to live in the White House in decades. As such, Barron is winning praise for being just like any other “normal kid” these days that often have a fidget spinner somewhere close by.

As reported by Asbury Park Press, Barron is not alone in his love for fidget spinners, which are toys that were promoted as ones that could calm down anxious people, be they children or adults. However, the popularity of the fidget spinners like the one held in Barron’s hand has caused a feeding frenzy for the small plastic devices, with sales expected to surge to $500 million.

Fidget spinners are prolific all over YouTube, with people not only spinning them like Barron does in the video, but some folks have lit them on fire or created all sorts of viral videos showing wild feats with the ball bearing devices. Fidget spinners also caused a ruckus for teachers of children around the same age as Barron, with some schools banning fidget spinners in the classrooms because they began causing distractions.

Whereas Barron displayed a red fidget spinner as he disembarked from Air Force One, it might not be the only fidget spinner Barron owns. Lots of children like to collect fidget spinners in more than one color. Whether or not fidget spinners will still be the hot toy come Christmas 2017, after Barron and Melania have had about six months to settle into their new White House digs, remains to be seen.

Either way, Barron is getting plenty of “normal kid” type of praise on social media after Barron was spotted with the fidget spinner. Comments like the following are being posted on Twitter.

“Barron Trump has a Fidget Spinner so what, so do most kids it is the new trend, just bcuz dad is POTUS doesn’t mean he can’t be a normal kid.”

“I hope Barron has a good fidget spinner with ball bearings and not this s****y one I bought from 7/11.”

“Check out Barron Trump playing with his fidget spinner as he departs Air Force One.

“Barron Trump exits Air Force One and immediately starts f*****g around with a fidget spinner: This is the most epic thing I’ve seen all day.”

“CNN aired this live. I watched. I can confirm that Barron was playing with a fidget spinner.”

“President back at WH after weekend at golf club. Mrs. T and son Barron (in t-shirt that said ‘The Expert’ and holding fidget spinner) w/him.”

“OMG!!! Barron Trump has a Fidget Spinner just like every single boy in my daughters class!”

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]