OnePlus 5 Coming With Five Color Options? Critics Slam Design

The OnePlus 5 release date is coming in a few days but fans still cannot wait to get more details about the Chinese flagship. Leaks and renders are still popping up here and there and this time, a photo showing five color options have appeared.

OnePlus 5 Colors

The design of the OnePlus 5 shown in the alleged leak is in line with what the company has officially revealed. The black one was the phone shown in the launch date announcement and beside it are four other colors: red, blue, green, and violet.

Curiously, each of the other colors has already been leaked before. The violet one came in a separate leak reported by Android Headlines and the red, blue, and green-colored OnePlus 5 have been leaked altogether.

The renders corroborate previous reports saying that OnePlus is looking to offer more color options for the OnePlus 5, unlike its predecessor, which only has one base color and one limited edition hue.

Then again, the authenticity of the leak cannot be verified as anyone can make renders. Previously, there was a flood of fan-made renders that posed as the real deal before OnePlus officially silenced them with a photo of the OnePlus 5. Most, if not all, of them turned out to be completely false, so it is better to treat each leak and rumor with skepticism.

Case in point, the expected Unicorn color is missing. OnePlus cannot keep secrets, so it dropped details from time to time. Back in May, the company tweeted a photo showing only four colors, with two of them very different from the recently leaked renders.

The first one is black and next to it is a gradient with pink, blue and green colors. According to CNET, it looks like the Unicorn frappe of Starbucks, hence why it is called the Unicorn color. The third one is a matte red, which is also seen above. The last one seems to be a soft gold color option that was also available for the OnePlus 3 and 3T.

As the moderator of the tweet replaced the “s” letter in “should” with a “5,” it is highly probable that these color options are for the OnePlus 5. However, as nothing can be confirmed unless the company drops new information, the real colors of the next flagship are still unknown.

OnePlus 5 Design

Aside from confirming the dual cameras on the OnePlus 5, the photo posted by the company on Twitter also revealed that it bears a resemblance with the iPhone 7 Plus. Even the position of the dual cameras and the antenna lines are the same as in the Apple device.

This sparked criticisms from fans and other mobile industry observers. The OnePlus 5 can stand on its own with the fanbase that the OnePlus has established. The mobile industry is already impressed with the specs that might be even more powerful than the Galaxy S8. There’s little that the smartphone could do to mess up at this point and it managed to do just that. Moreover, some fans don’t like the look of the camera as it is not flat.

A OnePlus product manager fired back at the critics, saying that they should give the phone a chance first before saying anything, the Inquisitr previously reported. As the OnePlus 5 has not been officially revealed yet, the only material that fans can judge is the tweeted photo were the mobile has not even been wholly pictured.

Nonetheless, the employee is confident that the opinions will change when the mobile industry is given the chance to experience the OnePlus 5, as they did with the OnePlus 3, which was deemed ugly at first.

[Featured Image by Răzvan Băltărețu/Flickr/Cropped and Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]