June 11, 2017
'Big Brother' Alum Nick Uhas Charms Judges With Extreme Science On 'America's Got Talent' [Video]

Simon Cowell is a hard man to please but former Big Brother houseguest Nick Uhas managed to use his charm and his immense knowledge of science to impress him and the other discerning judges last week on the popular NBC show America's Got Talent.

This is not the first time Nick has used the magic of science on the national stage. He's been on the Today show four times – even being asked to showcase his talents on the international stage with one of those appearances being on Australian TV, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Nick has been honing his skills for years and posts a weekly video on his popular Nickipedia YouTube channel that typically features awesome science experiments. At press, Nick had just posted another amazing video that involves an experiment using dry ice.

Although you may think that the subject of science would not be able to entertain or wow the judges of America's Got Talent, you'd be wrong. The show is known for not only featuring traditional entertainers, like dancers and singers, but loves to present acts that are outside the norm.

Nick clearly proved to the judges and the viewing audience that science could be awe-inspiring and entertaining when his experiments blew them away.

During his on-stage introduction, Nick was asked by America's Got Talent judge Simon why he entered the show this year. Nick responded with, "I love science. And there's probably no bigger stage than this."

Simon then asked if Nick thought his act was worth the $1 million prize and Nick responded with, "Oh yeah… Science is that cool." Simon wished Nick the best of luck as rousing cheers from the audience seemed to indicate they were on board and supporting Nick.

Nick brought four balloons filled with a chemical substance to each of the four judges, asking them to inhale from them, after which they were asked to speak into their microphones.

Mel B was the first judge to go for it, thinking the balloons were full of something that would raise her voice, as a helium-filled balloon would do. To her and the other judges' amazement, rather than having a Minnie Mouse sounding voice, Mel sounded more like Pinhead from Hellraiser.

Howie Mandel was the last America's Got Talent judge to try out the balloon experiment, appearing to have inhaled every last bit of the chemical within. With his frighteningly low voice, he looked down the row of judges to the end and said, "Simon Cowell, I am your father," which was nothing short of hilarious.

Next, Nick directed Mel and Howie onto the stage where he had another experiment waiting. The judges were required to don safety goggles and lab coats for this experiment which involved combining chemicals for an unexpected reaction. Nick joined in on the fun and he and judges quickly poured their containers into those on a table in front of them. Amazingly, a substance that appeared to be colored foam rose from the table to tremendous heights, causing the audience to let out a round of "oohs and aahs" at what they were witnessing.The next experiment was just as impressive, with Nick asking Howie to remain onstage to help him out by pouring a small bucket of water into a large trash receptacle. For this, Howie was made to wear even more safety gear, having to put on his head what looked like a riot gear helmet and face mask. Nick explained the trash can would be filled with liquid Nitrogen, noting the chemical "is negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit."

Two individuals filled the trash can with the liquid Nitrogen causing it to emit what looked like fog. As this took place, Nick explained to Howie, "You're going to try to get all of that hot water into this trash can, all in one swoop." Mel chimed in stating, "Without dying," which Nick reiterated.

Nick added, "…then you're going to back up as fast as you can." Everyone warned Howie to be careful and the countdown began, "3, 2, 1… pour." The result was stupendous.

After Howie dumped the boiling water into the liquid Nitrogen a cloud shot straight up from the trash that reached heights of about 20 feet. The cloud then began spreading and enveloped Howie and most of the stage. Again, the judges and audience were truly astonished by the feat.
Afterward, Howie decided to critique Nick's act by inhaling from the voice-changing balloons once again. He said in a booming voice, "We thought what you did was wonderful and I'm going to give you your first 'yes.'" Mel followed by telling Nick she wanted him to come back and "make Howie disappear."

Judge Heidi Klum agreed with Howie and Mel, but for some reason, Simon felt the need to say, "I thought it was absolutely terrible, but it's a yes for me." The other judges objected to Simon's critique but were glad he was impressed enough by Nick's efforts to send him on to the next round.

Be on the lookout for Nick on an upcoming America's Got Talent to see what he pulls out of his scientific bag of tricks to amaze and surprise. Hopefully, Nick will make it all the way to the end and take home that $1 million prize.

America's Got Talent airs on NBC Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.

[Featured Image by Nick Uhas/Facebook]