June 11, 2017
'Pretty Little Liars' Spin-Off Ideas Being Thrown Around

Pretty Little Liars is nearing the end of the series, and fans are already anticipating the Rosewood shaped hole in their lives. However, they may be getting a treat in the future. The show's creator, I. Marlene King, and the producers may already be turning the wheels on how to get a spin-off on the network shortly.

Warning: Pretty Little Liars spoilers below.

According to Carter Matt, King hinted that a Pretty Little Liars spin-off could be in the future during her time at the ATX TV Festival over the weekend. Marlene told Deadline that ideas are currently being thrown around about a possible spin-off, but nothing concrete has been decided just yet. King revealed that she loved the PLL universe and that she's got a lot of "random ideas" at the moment.

"I love this world, I love playing in this world, I'm open to a lot of things, but as of right now it's just random ideas."
Of course, Pretty Little Liars fans know that the show already tried a spin-off series. The character of Caleb moved over to a neighboring town for a series titled Ravenswood. However, the show was a bust and Caleb was soon back in Rosewood with Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Ali.
While it doesn't seem likely that a Pretty Little Liars spin-off would want to continue any of the main characters storylines, there could be room for a support character to take the lead. Mona would be a great character to use as a jumping off point for a new show. The series could start all over with a mystery-type young adult/high school drama with a different backstory and the possibility for character cameos in the future. Also, an Emily/Ali spin-off could be possible depending on what transpires in the last few episodes.

Currently, Pretty Little Liars has only three episodes left in the series, and fans still don't know who A.D. is. While there are many suspects, including Mary Drake, a shocking IMDB post recently revealed that the character of Paige could be the primary suspect.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, IMDB had listed actress Lindsay Shaw as both her character Paige McCullers and A.D. in the credits section for the show. While this could potentially be a huge spoiler, the site is easily edited, and the information could be false. The credit was quickly taken down, and when asked about Paige being named A.D. on the site, Marlene King replied, "I'm not sure what you want explained," to fans looking for information via social media.

However, another Pretty Little Liars fan theory has also been circulating among fans. The character of Spencer has been at the heart of many conspiracy theories, including one that claims she has been A and/or A.D. the entire time. Other viewers believe that Spencer may have actually had a twin sister and that it was Bethany Young. Others believe that Spencer's alleged twin sister may have been masquerading as Spencer for the entire series.

Bustle reports that some clues that Spencer may be a twin are that Veronica revealed she didn't witness Spencer being born. Mrs. Hastings said that Spencer was put into her arms as a child, meaning there could be another child out there somewhere. Another big clue is that that Dr. Cochran told Spencer and Aria that he delivered "two of Mary's babies," which could imply that is another child that he did not deliver, or that the late CeCe Drake could have been Spencer's unknown twin sister.

What are your thoughts on the end of Pretty Little Liars, and a possible spin-off series? Would you like to see more stories from the PLL universe, or should the show end for good?

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