Surprise! 'Kingdom Hearts III' Trailer Debuts — Plus Three Other Can't Miss Game Trailers Before E3

Jason Reynolds

Kingdom Hearts III has been conspicuously missing from Square Enix's press announcements lately, with fans searching high and low for news relating to the latest game in the Disney/Final Fantasy mashup. During a Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour concert in Los Angeles, a trailer debuted unexpectedly, showcasing some new gameplay, some adorable goodies, and a hint of a massive boss battle. The trailer starts with Sora, the series protagonist, being dropped into the middle of a group of Heartless - the grunt enemies of the series.

There are plenty of new ways to take out these enemies, with familiar combos like air-juggling and Sora cutting through them like so much wheat. Sora has some new tricks up his sleeve, however, as the trailer showcases him in a Hercules-themed Mount Olympus area. A shield that transforms into a cloud and thunderbolt form lets Sora channel the power of Zeus to beat up the enemy, from lightning bolts to Zeus' fists appearing in mid-air to knock some of the Heartless around.

A new combo with Goofy is also highlighted, where the Disney mascot tosses Sora up into the air, only for Sora to grab him and throw Goofy into the ground, scattering Heartless around.

The trailer also shows Pete - a quintessential Disney villain - talking with Maleficent and Hades, bickering about some item that they have to find.

From there, the trailer highlights Sora using magic of various types: fire, ice, lightning, and what looks like green-hued life magic, to lay waste to the enemies in front of him. If that wasn't enough, the trailer promises an even bigger reveal in July at the D23 Expo, where Square Enix will be debuting a new world and a new trailer for the game.

Other highlights of the Battlefront II trailer are a fight between Maul and Yoda, and a "blink and you'll miss it" appearance of Palpatine as a hologram on some sort of droid. Considering that the game is considered canon and fills the time between Jedi and The Force Awakens, having Palpatine in there is sure to stoke many a fan theory about who Snoke is.

The game is steeped in lore that is drawn from both the lesser known writings of J.R.R. Tolkein and the movie adaptations. But it's not all literary ramblings. The gameplay brings more of what made the original game so popular, with Talion hacking and slashing his way through ranks of goblins. This time around, he is also able to turn goblin captains to his side, rallying his new troops to assault enemy bases and capture sections of Mordor for his own use. After all, it's not all black volcanic rock and giant flaming eyeballs.

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