The Five Best Announcements In EA's Pre-E3 2017 Conference

When EA ended its pre-E3 press conference, loads of exciting announcements already made their way ti gamers. The publisher went all out this year, revealing major and some minor news. Here are the best ones

Star Wars: Battlefront II

The sequel is the star at EA's E3 event. Star Wars: Battlefront II looks to be packed with new features: more classes, more abilities, more customization and more options, in the words of Kotaku. Everything should be better than the first game if EA stays true to its words.

According to them, the gameplay will feel better than the first game, and it should be so, because it was released years ago. Star Wars: Battlefront II should also fix the mistakes of the first one. This time around, all multiplayer post-content will be free to everyone, which will make it playable for years.

Need For Speed Payback

"No longer is it just about being the first across the finish line, we're putting you behind the wheel of an action driving fantasy."
When two racing franchises clash, you get Need for Speed Payback. The trailer released in EA's conference shows explosions, family, eighteen wheelers and the kind you would expect to see in a Fast and the Furious game.
Need for Speed also went Forza Horizon this time as "Abandoned Relic Cars" are distributed across the open world for the player to find, PCWorld reported. Discovering each and every one of these cars was quite enjoyable in Forza, so it is a welcome addition to EA's franchise.

Battlefield 1

EA announces new Battlefield 1 new content at E3 2017
[Image by EA]

The WW1 shooter game is receiving a major expansion this year titled In the Name of the Tsar. Focusing on the World War 1 Eastern Front, there will be six new maps, the women's battalion of death and new Operations. The update is arriving in September.

Before that, two night maps are coming this summer. A small-squad competitive mode has also been announced, but more details about it will be divulged in August.

A Way Out

A co-op Prison Break-style game has been announced. A product of the team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out features split-screen and online modes. You can play it with a friend you invited over or with someone online.

The idea is to break out of a prison by cooperating with the other player, who can create a distraction while you complete your goal. That means that A Way Out cannot be played solo and the split-screen mode may mean it is not coming to PC.

EA announced A Way Out at E3 2017
[Image by EA]


After Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware is out to a new venture called Anthem. EA released the first sneak peek into the game during its E3 2017 press conference, showcasing a world with a lush environment and a sci-fi feel.

The characters are wearing power suits, which are only suitable for the large monsters abound. It is presumably still in the very early stages, so there is not much to show. You can watch the Anthem teaser below.

Bethesda At E3

If you liked what you saw at EA's E3 2017 presentation, then you should look out for Bethesda's turn today, June 11 at 9 p.m. PDT. The developer's presentation during E3 is usually packed with major games.

This time, a game like Starfield might be announced, which is rumored to link the worlds of Fallout and Skyrim. Polygon notes that it's unlikely, though it is an interesting concept.

Bethesda might also reveal more details about Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch as well as some more of Fallout and Doom for virtual reality headsets. However, these are all speculations for now. Fans will know for sure in the E3 presentation itself, so make sure you tune in.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]