How Gwen Stefani Helped Blake Shelton Win Season 7 Of ‘The Voice’

Gwen Stefani might deserve a little credit for Blake Shelton’s Season 7 win on The Voice.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first met while filming Season 7 of The Voice, but sparks didn’t immediately fly; their romance wouldn’t blossom until Season 9 of the NBC singing competition. However, Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd says that the lovebirds did develop a special relationship during their first season working together, and he was a beneficiary of it.

Gwen and Blake got to know one another in 2014 because they both coached Craig Wayne Boyd. The country singer was originally snatched up by Blake Shelton, but Gwen Stefani stole him from her future beau during the Battle Rounds. He ended up back on Team Blake during the Knockout Rounds, and the cowboy would go on to win the whole enchilada. However, Craig credits Gwen for helping him craft a new image that made viewers look at him in a different way; in other words, she gave him crossover appeal.

“She was the one that had my hair cut on the show originally,” Craig told Page Six.

“She had a lot of thoughts for me. I had always thought of myself pigeonholed into outlaw country music.”

 Craig Wayne Boyd Says He's Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's 'Lovechild'

Gwen Stefani has definitely learned that having the right hairstyle can help catapult an artist to iconic status. Her platinum locks have become legendary, and she’s willing to go to great lengths to keep her blonde looking bright and white. Gwen’s hairstylist, Danilo Dixon, recently told Refinery 29 that he dyes her hair every Monday to make sure that her dark roots don’t show.

Gwen Stefani also knows that it’s important to have a stylish wardrobe. According to Craig Wayne Boyd, Gwen helped him choose his outfits for The Voice even after he was no longer a member of her team. Craig believes that Blake Shelton was responsible for Gwen’s continued involvement in his transformation, and he now considers himself the “lovechild” of Gwen and Blake.

“I really think Blake had put her up to that,” said Craig.

As AXS reports, Blake agrees that Gwen played an integral role in helping him and Craig win Season 7 of The Voice. During an episode of The Voice Season 10, he expressed his regret that he didn’t ask Gwen Stefani to share Craig’s win with him. Gwen was serving as Blake’s team adviser at the time, and he promised his girlfriend that she would get some of the credit if one of his singers went on to win the show.

“You took Craig Wayne Boyd and did all your stuff that you do and you threw him back out there to me and I won, because of you, and I didn’t even share that with you. If I win this season, with you as my mentor, I will share the victory with you.”

Unfortunately for Gwen and Blake, a member of Christina Aguilera’s team, Alisan Porter, won Season 10 of The Voice. The couple got another chance to celebrate a win together when they were both Season 12 coaches. However, they were left feeling blue when Team Alicia Keys member Chris Blue emerged victorious. As Extra reports, Gwen Stefani had to cheer up her boyfriend after he failed to add another win to his five-season record. Gwen recorded an Instagram video of Blake saying that he “felt like a loser” after the Season 12 finale, but she reassured him that he’s anything but.

“I think you’re a winner still,” Gwen told Blake.

“You do? I take it back — I feel like a winner,” Blake responded.

Blake Shelton will get a chance for redemption during the next season of The Voice, but Gwen Stefani won’t be around to celebrate with him if he wins. As Variety reports, the Season 13 coaches will be Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. However, this doesn’t mean that Gwen Stefani can’t visit the set of The Voice or make a guest appearance to perform any new songs that she might be working on.

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