Ariana Grande Set To Pay Tribute To Victims Of The Manchester Attack With A Big Surprise

Ariana Grande has gone above and beyond for the victims of the Manchester terrorist attack, and now it has been reported that she’s going to pay tribute to the victims in a special way. The pop star, who resumed her world tour this week in Paris after playing for a charity gig in Manchester, is set to record an original song in tribute to the 22 victims.

A source close to Ariana Grande discussed the details with Radar Online.

“In addition to resuming her world tour, Ariana is currently working on a new song about the attack and the aftermath. She is writing it herself with the help of several big producers and is planning on releasing the song later this month.”

The “One Love Manchester” concert raised over $12 million for the families of the victims and injured individuals who are still recovering from the blast. The new song will be released on iTunes, and all of the proceeds will go to the family members and injured individuals.

Ariana Grande initially received criticism from Piers Morgan for fleeing the scene after the terrorist attack occurred. She temporarily put a halt to her “Dangerous Woman Tour” and flew home the morning after to be with family and friends. It was reported she was beside herself and was unable to sleep following the events.

However, her critics were quick to take back their words after she quickly organized the “One Love Manchester” concert and went to visit those still recovering in the hospital. Previously, many of those who had been injured had received visits from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William. It was also reported that Harry Styles, who could not visit due to other commitments, called several of those who were his fans and still in the hospital, raising their spirits.

Additionally, WWE wrestlers Bobby Roode, Nikki Cross, and Mark Andrews came to visit one of their youngest fans who was still recovering in the hospital from her injuries. Eight-year-old Lily Harrison got the surprise of her life when she got to meet her heroes.

Ariana Grande is reported to have gotten a Manchester Bee tattoo to represent the mark the city has made on her in these past few weeks. The bee is the symbol of the city and how everyone has stepped up to help one another out since the attack. She has stated that she hopes music can help heal everyone that has been hurt in the blast.

During the first show back on the “Dangerous Woman Tour,” Ariana Grande added her own version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack. She also wrote on Instagram that she was always thinking of those who passed away and referred to them as “her angels.”

“First show back tonight. Thinking of our angels every step of the way. I love you with all my heart,” she wrote.

She also sang the praises of her band and crew for doing such a wonderful job following the attack.

“Grateful for and incredibly proud of my band, dancers and entire crew. I love you I love you,” she wrote.

It had previously been reported that Ariana Grande felt incredibly guilty for the attack taking place at her concert. Due to her feelings that it wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t been scheduled to sing, fans and other musicians joined in creating a trending hashtag #ItsNotYourFaultAriana.

Ariana Grande is also rumored to be paying for the cost of the funerals for the victims who passed away, relieving the families of the burden of doing so in this tragic time.

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