Trinny Woodall Strokes Model Pamela Muller’s Breast, Claims ‘I Want To Be Black’

It was quite an awkward, racially-themed ITV’s This Morning show that went absolutely wrong!

On Thursday morning, Trinny Woodall gave TV viewers something they had never seen before on live television: stroking a colored model’s breast and saying, “I want to be black.”

The awkward – and truthfully, shocking – moment came when model Pamela Muller stopped by the morning show wearing a swimsuit.

Stylist Trinny Woodall couldn’t contain her excitement about being so close to the gorgeous model, so she started stroking Pamela Muller’s breasts and saying how “amazing” she is.

But it weren’t only Trinny Woodall’s hands that did the controversy! Her mouth soaked up much of the attention on social media and set tongues wagging.

Trinny Woodall couldn’t keep her lips sealed while admiring Pamela Muller’s “marble” skin as she blurted out, “I want to be black.” The model was visibly uncomfortable by Woodall’s racially-focused remark, and all she could do was smile awkwardly and shrug.

But Pamela Muller wasn’t the only one taken aback by Trinny Woodall’s desire to change her skin color from white to black, as the stylist’s controversial remark sparked quite a furor on social media, with one user even spitting out her coffee over the racially-themed moment.

On Friday morning, Pamela Muller herself took to Twitter to respond to the controversy surrounding Trinny Woodall’s awkward remark about her skin color.

In a series of tweets, the model thanked Trinny Woodall and the rest of ITV’s This Morning crew for “an amazing morning.”

Watch the bizarre scene play out here.

The morning show is no stranger to attracting racially-themed controversy, as earlier in the episode one of the guests dropped an unnecessary racist remark, according to the Daily Mail.

During Thursday morning’s episode of the ITV show – right before Trinny Woodall got naughty with her hands and a little too bizarre with her mouth – EastEnders actor Don Gilet had a very racist thing to say about “blacking up.”

As the actor sat down to chat with presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the interview got to the point where they started discussing the midges, the pests of Loch Ness, where EastEnders was shot.

After Gilet admitted on the show that he had been bitten while filming the BBC One show, the presenters wanted to sympathize with the actor so they wore black mosquito net hats. What could possibly go wrong, right?

But this is This Morning, which for some reasons attracted racially-themed remarks on Thursday morning, just like a magnet would do. Visibly weirded out by the two presenters wearing black mosquito net hats, Gilet yelled out, “I thought you were blacking up!”

The two presenters, clearly disturbed by the remark and left speechless, laughed it off and tried to forget about the unnecessary racially-themed clanger, but the actor didn’t let that happen, as he blurted out, “Trying to make me feel welcome!”

The whole room erupted with a hysterical laughter, with Schofield and Willoughby left unsure what to say as the controversial remark was made on live morning television.

However, the “I want to be black” scandal with Pamela Muller is by no means the first controversial thing Trinny Woodall has done on the show.

Earlier this year, Trinny Woodall was accused by ITV viewers of “being drunk” during her appearance on the show when she talking about spitting “that phlegm somewhere” and later in the show introducing one of the models by the wrong name, according to The Sun.

This time around, however, Trinny Woodall got Pamela Muller’s name right – though she couldn’t seem to keep her hands off the model’s breasts.

What do you think? Was Trinny Woodall being racist, or just inappropriate? How would you have felt if you were in Pamela Muller’s position? Sound off in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Lionel Cironneau/AP Images]