T.I. Jealous Over Tiny Harris, Floyd Mayweather Alleged Romance, Wants To Reconcile Despite Divorce Filing?

T.I. is refusing to let Tiny Harris move on with her life, a source has claimed, stressing that even though the duo is currently dealing with their divorce, the rapper is hinting at the supposed fact that he’s not ready to let go of the relationship he’s shared with his estranged wife.

According to Hollywood Life, T.I. is planning to delay the divorce process for the time being, in the hopes that he can work it out with the mother of his children, stressing that he wouldn’t be able to accept seeing Tiny with another man.

Of course, one shouldn’t forget that the reason why T.I. found himself in the midst of a divorce case is because Tiny had admitted to finding her husband cheating on her on multiple occasions — eventually, she decided that enough was enough, adding that she was done with the marriage, Oxygen reports.

And while T.I. seemed to agree that the duo both needed their own space, now that eight months have passed since Tiny’s filing, it seems that T.I. has realized that he’s unwilling to let go of the relationship he shares with the Xscape singer and consequently would want to reconcile.

If that’s the case, it would seem rather confusing how T.I. plans to make this happen seeing that he’s been dating Bernice Burgos for the past couple of months.

The rapper and his Instagram model girlfriend have supposedly been hooking up since January, but as a source explains, T.I. still shares feelings for Tiny, and Bernice certainly can’t compare to the on-again, off-again relationship the 41-year-old has shared with Harris.

She’s not only the mother of his children but also the love of his life.

What’s worse is that rumors have been circulating the internet about Tiny reportedly wanting to hook up with boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, and just the thought of imagining the twosome together leaves T.I. enraged. He’s realized that he doesn’t want to see Tiny with anyone but him.

“Tiny and T.I. talk whenever he calls to speak with the boys,” and insider explains to Hollywood Life. “Tip usually tries to engage Tiny in conversation, but she keeps it pretty short most of the time. She really wants to get on with her life and doesn’t want to get dragged back into Tip’s drama — she’s over that and keen to build a future on her own.”

According to reports, T.I. and Tiny Harris have been on much better terms lately, having put their differences aside for the sake of their kids. But as their friendship started to blossom, so did their love for one another — to the point where the rapper has evidently realized that splitting with the mother of his children was a bad move.

It’s unclear whether his estranged wife would even consider the idea of getting back with the 41-year-old but since she’s openly stressed to always having love for the man that she’s spent the longest time in a relationship with, it would be hard to believe for fans that the twosome wouldn’t at least attempt to save their marriage.

With this in mind, it would seem as if Bernice Burgos will be a thing of the past for T.I., who is supposedly trying to work things out with Tiny in the hopes that they can get back to being a happy family.

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Bernice might have already been dumped by the rapper, for all that fans know.

What do you think of T.I. and Tiny potentially getting back together? Would it make sense for them to try and repair their broken marriage once again?

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