Bernice Burgos Won’t Commit To T.I Romance — Is Tiny Harris Feud To Blame?

Bernice Burgos isn’t quite ready to make it all the way official with T.I. just yet, it has been reported.

The Instagram model, who has been seeing T.I. on and off for the past couple of months, is said to be bothered by the fact that the “Whatever You Like” star thinks he can easily win her over with a few nice words and a couple of gifts.

Bernice Burgos thinks she’s worth more than just a couple of designer items. in fact, she’s fully aware that T.I. wants to be with her, especially now that his marriage to Tiny Harris has come to an end and the two are finalizing their divorce.

The rapper wasted no time to move on with Bernice Burgos, but from what Hollywood Life has gathered, Burgos isn’t willing to commit herself in a new relationship with T.I. until the rap hitmaker has shown her full affection.

The last thing that Bernice Burgos wants to see is that she’s just one of the women that the 36-year-old is hooking up with. In order for her to make sure that she’s not being played in this situation, there’s nothing that shows love and affection more than a man who makes the time and effort to treat his girlfriend like a queen.

Bernice Burgos wants T.I. to show her how much he cares for her before she can even consider herself moving forward with the relationship because as far as she’s concerned they are very much still in the dating phase.

If it’s going to progress from what, Bernice Burgos wants her man to step up and show her what she’s worth — and that’s not through the act of spending money but showing affectionate love.

“Bernice thinks a boss and she’s extremely attracted to him, but she’s not going to chase after him,” a source tells Hollywood Life, insisting that Bernice Burgos isn’t going to make herself look like a fool by running after a man no matter how rich and successful he is.

“She’s a strong, successful, highly sought-after woman…not some groupie. If T.I. wants a commitment out of Bernice, he’s going to have to chase her harder and shower her with love and affection. If not, then she’ll move on. So far, he’s saying the right things, but she needs to see more action.”

On top of that, sources conclude by stressing that Bernice Burgos feels like being romantically linked to T.I. has really been tough on her because fans have been under the impression that she was the main reason why Tiny Harris ended up filing to divorce the man she’s spent 15 years of her life with, as explained by Bossip.

While Tiny has claimed that Bernice Burgos didn’t come in the picture until after her split with the rapper, sources close to the situation have claimed otherwise.

Regardless of the matter, Bernice Burgos has certainly been bothered by some of the comments she’s read about herself on the internet, with many people having branded her as a homewrecker.

These particular views from other people have bothered Bernice beyond belief, with an insider revealing that Burgos is annoyed by the fact that there are people who’d think she would even entertain a relationship with a man that she knew was married at the time.

“Bernice is over people saying she’s a homewrecker and she’s equally tired of Tiny trashing her in the press. Bernice would never get involved with another man who’s married and still sleeping with his wife,” the insider revealed.

If anything Bernice Burgos may have been friendly with T.I., but she wouldn’t have shared a fling with him while married to Tiny.

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