Tiny Harris: Bernice Burgos Says She’s Sexier Than T.I.’s Estranged Wife — ‘Family Hustle’ Feud Erupts

Tiny Harris is being slammed yet again by T.I.’s girlfriend, Bernice Burgos, who has allegedly commented on her beau’s split from the Xscape singer, saying she’s sexier and funnier than her.

Hollywood Life claims that Bernice has made it known that leaving Tiny Harris was a wise move on the rapper’s part because the Instagram model considers herself to be the whole package, insinuating that Tiny is lacking certain qualities.

Harris and Burgos have had several social media feuds in the past, but it seems that their drama is starting to get personal now that Bernice is said to be badmouthing the mother of T.I.’s children to the rapper himself, and Tiny won’t stand for it.

“Bernice knows she’s a way better fit for Tip that Tiny, she’s hotter, funnier, smarter, and way sexier, so she doesn’t get why he’s still tip toeing around,” a source tells the gossip outlet.

“She’s just getting on with her life, and yeah, if her hanging out and partying with random hot dudes makes Tip jealous, then all the better!”

The insider insinuates that Bernice doesn’t make much of Tiny Harris or her former relationship with T.I., saying that their marriage is over and that the “Live Your Life” hitmaker has moved on — if anything, Tiny Harris should take note from her estranged husband and do the same.

As the outlet already mentions, Burgos isn’t quite sure where she stands as far as her relationship with T.I. is concerned. Bernice is annoyed by the supposed fact that her man is trying so hard to keep the peace between his girlfriend and Tiny Harris — she doesn’t see the point why he’s trying so hard.

T.I. reportedly has plenty of discussions with Tiny Harris about his romance with Bernice, according to The Jasmine Brand, and all that he wants is that he stays on good terms with the mother of his children, but Burgos thinks that her beau is going above and beyond to please his soon-to-be ex-wife. He should be focusing his attention on her instead.

The source adds that it’s something that the model won’t comprehend. She understands that Tiny Harris is the mother of his children, but there’s no need to go out of his way to keep the peace — she either accepts the fact that Bernice is the new woman in T.I.’s life, or she doesn’t.

“She really loves to rub it in T.I.’s face, get him worked up, and show him what he’s missing out on,” the insider explained.

“She’s likely not going to see Tip for a while, as he’s off on his Hustle Gang tour, her looking hot with good looking guys all over her. She’s trying to play a little hard to get when it comes to Tip, though she totally sucks at it, truth be told.”

In recent interviews, Tiny Harris has made it known that she has no plans to even think about getting back with her estranged husband, having stressed that the man he once considered the love of her life has cheated on her one too many times.

Aside from the infidelity, Tiny Harris has also struggled to deal with the endless feuding and arguments the duo had found themselves doing prior to her decision to file for divorce in December. The relationship turned toxic and women such as Bernice Burgos coming into the picture only worsened the situation and strained whatever was left of their relationship at the time.

Tiny Harris has since been spending more time with Floyd Mayweather, who T.I. infamously claimed was hooking up with his wife two years ago. Tiny has constantly denied the rapper’s allegations, stressing they were nothing more than friends.

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