Is Kylie Jenner Secretly Married To Travis Scott Already?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may have gotten married in a secret ceremony. At least, that is the case according to a recent article in Life and Style Magazine

“Kylie and Travis tied the knot at her Calabasas mansion,” an alleged insider source said to the magazine. “It wasn’t a big, glamorous affair like other Kardashian weddings, and only a few close friends were invited. But Kylie is crazy about Travis.”

According to the “source” who “spoke” to Life and Style, we can expect to see the footage when Kylie’s new reality show airs.

“There were no official E! cameras there, but Kylie asked her friends to film the special moment on their iPhones. She plans to use the footage on her new show.”

The alleged source also claims that Kylie chose to keep the ceremony secret because she knew her mother and sisters would not approve, given their history with quickie weddings.

“Kylie didn’t tell [mom] Kris or most of her family about the wedding because she knew they’d all panic and react negatively,” says the alleged source. “Kylie knew her mom would go ballistic about the wedding… Especially after the messy divorces Khloe and Kim went through following their quickie weddings.”

Also, there are claims that Kylie is bankrolling Travis, buying expensive gifts for the “Antidote” rapper. Kylie was often accused of doing the same for Tyga when they were together.

“[She’s] spent thousands of dollars on new jewelry and designer clothes [for him]. She also buys him nice dinners and has promised him exotic vacations,” the “insider” also shared.

But Gossip Cop, a site that’s known for debunking celebrity rumors, claims that the wedding story is completely made up.

“A mutual pal of ours and Jenner assures us she isn’t secretly married, while a trustworthy source close to Scott also tells us he and the reality star haven’t tied the knot,” Gossip Cop reports. “Of course, this fake news is coming from the same unreliable magazine that has repeatedly published bogus stories about the reality star.”

Life & Style has also previously reported that Kylie Jenner wanted to fire her mother, Kris, and Caitlyn Jenner wanted to appear on Kylie’s new reality show. Both of these stories were also debunked by Gossip Cop.

Besides the relationship rumors, Kylie is also facing rumors that her body is fake. Online comments expressed bewilderment about Kylie’s body modifications recently when she posted a photo of herself in a camouflage bikini on her Instagram page. The photo, which is part of a promotional push for Kylie’s new fashion outlet, The Kylie Shop, shows the youngest Jenner flaunting her curves in a very mechanical pose with a doll-like expression on her face. The issue that some comment posters had was that her body looked “off,” perhaps because of photo-editing.

“There is something off about this pic,” one of her followers commented, and another fan called her a “Robot woman,” as reported by Celeb News.

“Her body just doesn’t look right in this?? I don’t get it lmao,” another follower wrote, while another added, “This is the scariest picture I have ever seen of her.”


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