Kylie Jenner Poses In Sexy Camouflage Bikini, Faces ‘Fake’ Body Rumors Again

Kylie Jenner flaunted her bikini bod once again as she debuted her new camouflage-themed collection.

Earlier today, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star shared a short video clip on Instagram promoting her upcoming camouflage-themed collection on The Kylie Jenner Shop.

The 19-year-old voluptuous reality star modeled a matching camouflage sports bra and sweatpants, matched with a baseball hat. She completed her look with a sharp bob and nude makeup. In the clip, the fashion mogul can be seen zooming in and out to give a better view of her latest ensemble.

Kylie Jenner’s promotional clip of her new camouflage-themed collection already reached more than five million views in just a span of a few hours. The Life Of Kylie star also encouraged her almost 95 million followers to check out to see the countdown for the collection’s release on Thursday morning, 10 a.m.

The youngest Jenner also gave a glimpse of her army-inspired collection on the shop’s official Instagram account. Kylie shared a few images of her camo pieces including lighters and bikinis — all in the same orange, pink, and green camouflage print.

Kylie Jenner also stepped up the promotion of her new collection by posing in one of the skimpy camouflage bikinis. The cosmetics maven rocked her famous curves in a green camouflage bikini and fierce short hair.

However, the image sparked rumors once again, accusing the young star of having a “fake” body. Apparently, some fans thought there was something “unusual” about the photo, adding to speculations that Kylie Jenner’s body was altered digitally.

In the photo, the Kylie Cosmetics owner can be seen standing rigidly with both hands by her sides in a doll-like manner. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also flaunted her washboard abs and hourglass curves. Her nude makeup also accentuated her pouty lips.

Many were quick to criticize Kylie Jenner’s physique, claiming that she has been using Photoshop in most of her photos. One user pointed out, “This is so awkward. Kylie needs to tell her people to chill on the editing,” while another one wrote, “Body must be photoshopped look how skinny those arms are next to your boob.”

Despite the negative comments on her camouflage-themed photo, Kylie Jenner continues to be positive about the latest addition to her clothing line. In fact, the curvaceous beauty rented out a huge billboard featuring the same photo as part of the promotion for the new collection.

Many consider this as a clear indication that Kylie Jenner is not really bothered by all the criticisms and rumors being thrown at her.

Kylie Jenner’s clothing line is just one of the reality star’s successful venture. Her makeup empire, Kylie Cosmetics, is consistently doing quite well in terms of sales. In fact, the reality star recently released a second makeup collaboration with her sister Khloe Kardashian.

According to reports, Kylie Jenner teamed up with sister Khloe to create a limited edition makeup sets, including lip products and pressed powder palette.

The “In Love with the Koko” features four lip products — three matte liquid lipsticks and a gloss one. The matte lipsticks come in the shades Doll (bright tangerine), Bunny (cool mid-tone mauve), Baby Girl (warm muted coral). Meanwhile, the glossy one has a Sugar Plum shade (shimmering mid-tone nude gloss).

On the other hand, the Koko Kit pressed powders give customers one bronzer, two highlighters, and one blush.

Aside from her business ventures, Kylie Jenner also has her hands full with her upcoming reality show, Life Of Kylie. The eight-episode half-hour show will focus on Kylie as she lives her busy life being an entrepreneur and celebrity. The show will also feature her personal life, including her controversial love life.

Check out Kylie Jenner in Life Of Kylie Episode 1 on July 6, 2017.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]