Tyga’s ‘Playboy’ Song Shades Kylie Jenner, Kylie And Travis Scott Happy, But Will There Be Drama?

Tyga is totally convinced that Kylie Jenner will come crawling back to him if fans are right about the rapper’s new song, “Playboy.” Kim Kardashian said there wasn’t any drama between Tyga and Kylie and Kim insists her little sis has moved on with Travis Scott, but it looks like there’s some drama brewing now.

Kylie hasn’t bothered to make any comment on the speculation or on Tyga’s song, but Jenner’s admirers can’t help thinking that Tyga’s gone too far this time. The Internet is convinced that when Tyga wrote the song, which dropped over the weekend, he was taking aim at Kylie Jenner and wanted to do some damage.

The “Playboy” lyrics could be all about Kylie Jenner. “She a superstar, she got it bad for me/ If I hang up, she call right back to me,” Tyga raps as he throws “piles of money into the air” and shows off a flashy red car that some followers think is supposed to make Kylie jealous.

Tyga’s pulled this kind of thing before, according to People. Tyga and Kylie Jenner are on-again-off-again so much that he’s been through several breakups during their three-year relationship.

Last year when they broke up, Tyga captioned a pic with almost the exact same words he uses in “Playboy.” Along with the “Playboy” dig about how the unnamed superstar “got it bad” for him, Tyga rapped some even meaner words that echo his attitude last year.

“You cut her legs off, she crawls right back to me, I call it playboy tenacity.”

After the 2016 breakup, in an Instagram post that he’s since taken down, Tyga shared a cryptic photo of Jenner with the caption, “They always come back…” The pic showed the rapper laughing while he lounged on a bed.

Tyga’s “Playboy” lyrics might not be a diss of Kylie Jenner. The problem for Jenner fans is that the words are so much like what Tyga said last year that the Internet has decided there’s no question about who’s shading who. E! News shared that Twitter is “pointing to Jenner as the ‘superstar’ he’s referring to.”

Some fans think it’s pretty clear that Kylie truly is the real superstar in the relationship. One Twitter user said that if people talked about Kylie Jenner’s ex without using Tyga’s name, no one would remember who he is.

Another tweeter thinks Tyga was in it for what he could get from Kylie Jenner since she is far richer and more famous than he is.

Kylie Jenner could end up clapping back at her ex. So far, Kylie and Travis Scott’s romance is heating up so much that neither of them appears to have time to think about Tyga. Jenner and Scott are “having fun” together and they’re still going strong after two months since they were first spotted getting romantic.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner don’t appear to care about Tyga’s ‘Playboy’ lyrics. [Image by Bob Levey/Getty Images]

Travis and Kylie first “popped up” in April when they were seen holding hands at Coachella. Jenner publicly put an end to her relationship with Tyga around the same time. Kylie told anxious fans on Twitter that she’s “been feeling amazing,” but that doesn’t stop people from worrying that if Tyga keeps on shading her, she’s going to lose it.

Kim Kardashian could be wrong about the drama situation. Recently, Kardashian said of Kylie and Tyga, “It was so easy that split. There has not been any drama with her.” Oxygen shared that the breakup “may not have been as drama-free” as Kardashian would like us to think.

Elite Daily has another take on the situation. The outlet wrote that although there may have been drama before Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott became a couple, “Kylie is going to be just fine” because Kylie Jenner is a person who stands strong and isn’t afraid to say so. It can take her awhile to speak up, but she’ll make sure Tyga gets the message loud and clear if he goes too far.

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