Kylie Jenner: How She Became The Most Successful Kardashian Family Member

Kylie Jenner has been branded as the hardest working sister in the Kardashian household, even beating Kim Kardashian, it’s been reported.

Hollywood Life claims that Kylie Jenner’s brand has rapidly grown in the past three years, to the point where it’s evidently clear that if this sort of success continues the way it has, Kylie Jenner will have dethroned the likes of Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney in all aspects as far as their careers are concerned.

With Kim Kardashian having admitted to sharing less about her personal life on social media and wanting to focus more of her time on her family with Kanye West, it has given Kylie the perfect opportunity to expand her exposure on social media, constantly seeing the biggest rise in followers week-to-week.

Sources continue by adding that nobody in the Kardashian family has as many meetings as Kylie Jenner, who is constantly working on new business ideas, projects, photoshoots, and others innovative ways to stay relevant and successful.

It’s evidently put Kylie Jenner in a position where she’s been named as the hardest working member of the Kardashian household, and while fans may have thought that such a title would infuriate Kim, the mother-of-two is said to be totally cool about it.

Insiders stress that Kim is in a totally different mindset right now. She’s proud of Kylie Jenner’s success, and while it’s clear that the 19-year-old is bound to become the richest sibling, Kim isn’t threatened or intimidated with how well things have turned out for her younger sister. If anything, she is proud of how well she’s been doing.

Kylie Jenner has been “working harder than ever to take over the entire Kardashian empire. Kylie’s been filming constantly for both her new spinoff show as well as the family show, all while nurturing a budding new romance with Travis [Scott] whom she is totally falling for.”

“Kylie Jenner is having a blast with Travis while her makeup empire continues to grow exponentially,” the source continues, referring to how Kylie Cosmetics is making millions in revenue despite its limited marketing campaign, which usually only runs on Jenner’s Instagram and Snapchat.

It should be stressed, however, that in combined followers, Kylie Jenner has 150 million people looking at the products she posts online, meaning that the overall reach for her cosmetic line is rather impressive. And the fact that she doesn’t own a store and ships her items straight from a warehouse saves Kylie Jenner hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent money.

“Every day Kylie is in and out of business meetings and her social media presence is always expanding. She’s set for a bright future built on drive and determination.”

As mentioned, Kylie Jenner is just weeks away from giving fans an insight look into her life as a businesswoman, with the E! network having confirmed that Life of Kylie will be premiering in July, Deadline reports.

The show focuses its attention on Kylie Jenner juggling her career as a businesswoman while dealing with relationship issues and still maintaining a social life at the young age of 19.

Kylie Jenner reportedly started shooting the show before she decided to call it quits with ex-boyfriend Tyga, so it’s likely that the breakup will be featured in several episodes before Jenner explains her reasoning as to why she decided to move on with current beau, Travis Scott, just two weeks after ending things with the 27-year-old “Faded” hitmaker.

Either way, it seems as if Kylie Jenner is seeing success in all areas. From her personal life to her love life, and her growing empire — everything Kylie Jenner has touched seems to be generating her money and adoration.

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