Huge Update On Heel Turn That’s Expected To Break Up Enzo And Big Cass

One of the most interesting angles on Raw has been the ongoing backstage attacks that Enzo Amore and Big Cass have fallen victim to over the past few weeks. At first, the WWE Universe began to suspect Big Cass. A flurry of rumors came to light regarding a possible heel turn for Cass. WWE officials are knowingly high on him. A big singles push for him is only a matter of time, but the current angle may not be a heel turn for Big Cass.

There is some new speculation that WWE officials could be planning the heel turn for Enzo instead of Cass, but that would involve some more complex storytelling. For instance, there would need to be an explanation regarding Enzo staging the first few beatdowns. The more complex issue would be how Enzo organized the attack this week on Big Cass because the expectation is he wouldn’t be able to do put down Cass by himself.

WWE officials are leaving the angle open-ended for the time being until a final decision is made to reveal an attacker over the coming weeks. There are many different ways the angle could go, but a heel turn for Enzo or Big Cass seems to be the most discussed, speculated, and interesting outcome of the angle for WWE fans.

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The angle being open-ended gives WWE officials many options for a payoff. The Revival have been teased as the culprits behind the attack on television. Dash and Dawson will return to the ring soon, and the plan may have been to keep them involved in the storyline for them to return with a rivalry and some additional heat.

On the other hand, WWE officials could eventually reveal a call-up from NXT as the attackers. The Authors of Pain would be great for that role, but their title reign as the NXT Tag Team Champions complicates them being revealed as the attackers. There are many teams on Raw or WWE Superstars who could benefit from the angle. The possibilities are endless, but the WWE Universe still believes a massive heel turn is coming.

A lot of fans are skeptical about Big Cass turning against Enzo. There is some concern about Enzo’s future in WWE if he begins a solo run. Not only that, but many fans are wondering if Big Cass could pull off the right attitude for a heel run. WWE officials are high on his potential as a singles star, but the first few weeks of his run would be pivotal to his future. A lot of people are questioning if Cass has the skills on the microphone.

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Enzo Amore has the mic skills to support a heel run. He is also more believable because his connection with the fans is also directly from his attitude and work on the microphone. There are logical reasons why Enzo would turn against Big Cass. On paper, he could make the argument that his charisma has carried the team despite Cass not being good enough to win them Tag Team Titles in NXT or Raw. That would make sense.

Obviously, WWE officials would have to align Enzo with someone like The Big Show. This week on Raw, the two teamed together, which proved that Big Cass can be replaced. The powers that be have never had issues turning Big Show heel at the drop of a hat. With Enzo trashing Big Cass on the microphone and Big Show standing in the way of Cass’ revenge, the WWE Universe would fully support Big Cass and get him over as a face. On paper, Enzo turning heel could be the best option for WWE officials to make in the current angle.

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