‘Alaskan Bush People’ Spoilers: Will There Be Wedding Bells In The Final Season

Alaskan Bush People is scheduled to premiere its final season on June 14. The Brown family has led fans through quite an adventure over the past six seasons. Surviving in the backcountry of Alaska and being as self-sufficient as possible, Billy and Ami Brown have raised seven children. In a short promo clip, Billy shared that Ami is indeed sick and that everything is different now. Fans know this will be their last season in Alaska.

In recent news reports for Alaskan Bush People, fans learned that Ami is more than “sick” — she is actually in the late stages of cancer. Her estranged brother was the first to reveal this information. Of course, the very fact that Ami has no contact with her brother and mother gave fans a reason to question the news. Unfortunately, that is the word that keeps spreading about Ami Brown. She is said to be undergoing treatment in Los Angeles, and Gabe has not left her side. His appearance on the upcoming season of Alaskan Bush People may only be in the form of interviews from Los Angeles.

Other old news is the Matt Brown fridge explosion. The story was that he stored gunpowder and a cannon fuse in his refrigerator, and it exploded. In a bizarre twist, the refrigerator door was blown off and across the room, striking him in the head. From there, the story gets hazy and has many unconfirmed endings. Some reports say he received a few staples and was released, while others claim he was life-flighted to a hospital. Either way, fans are unsure if the eldest son will appear on Alaskan Bush People this final season.

Of course, Bam Bam has relocated to North Carolina with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan. She was a producer on Alaskan Bush People. There is no confirmation on nuptials being exchanged, but plenty of articles detail how happy the couple is together.

Noah and his girlfriend, Rhain Alisha, are well known to the Alaskan Bush People fans. Rhain had some trouble securing a job and a place to live in Hoonah, Alaska, for two seasons. Finally, Noah went to his family about asking his girlfriend to join them in Browntown. Rumors swirled that not only did Billy and Ami Brown not approve of the relationship, but the producers also did not want to add her to the cast. Over the weekend, there was an announcement that could change things, however.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha are at the center of rumors once again. Over the weekend, a picture surfaced that clearly shows Rhain with a ring on her left-hand ring finger. As reported by Blasting News, the Alaskan Bush People star Noah followed up with a post to his Facebook account. He confirms that not only are they engaged, but he would like to be married on the show.

Season 7 of Alaskan Bush People is scheduled to be a condensed season with only 11 episodes. Couple that with the fact that the airing of the new season is not usually this quick. Could the expedited schedule all link back to Ami Brown’s health? The family is all so close, would Noah really proceed with a marriage when his mother is too ill to return to Alaska for the service?

There has been no confirmation yet, but social media is ablaze with fans wondering if there will be a spin-off from Alaskan Bush People following some of Billy Brown and Ami Brown’s children as they continue to live in the wilderness of Alaska. Check back at the Inquisitr for all the latest news. We will keep you posted on the latest information.

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