Anna Gristina The ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ To Name Famous NFL Clients

Manhattan, NY – Anna Gristina, the ‘Soccer Mom Madam’ who pleaded guilty in September to a single count of promoting prostitution, has promised to expose famous NFL stars who paid for sex with women from her prostitution service.

When the NY Daily News asked whether she’d be naming names, the mother of four simply replied:

“I will be.”

Pushed for an example, Gristina grinned and promised:

“Let’s just say if you like football [you’ll be interested].”

Anna Gristina was speaking on Wednesday after a brief appearance Manhattan Supreme Court. The 44-year-old, who is on probation for five years and subject to travel restrictions, was in court to get permission from Justice Juan Merchan to fly to Los Angeles for an appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

Gristina would not elaborate on whether her exposé involved a player or a team executive, or how many clients she would be unmasking.

Those who are disgusted by the idea of Gristina making money from her crime of peddling women need not worry. According to attorney Michael Bamberger, any book by Anna Gristina will not make the woman herself a cent of profit, thanks to New York’s Son of Sam law:

“What the statute basically says is a person is barred from making money based on ‘the use of unique knowledge obtained during the commission of a crime.’ One could well argue that the names of clients falls within the category of unique knowledge, so this statue probably applies.”

Anna Gristina was accused of supplying women to wealthy customers, and was caught on tape claiming that FBI agents, police officers and a number of prosecutors were helping to protect her prostitution ring.

When Gristina and her alleged “hooker booker” Jaynie Mae Baker went on trial (below), prosecutors accused the pair of running a brothel for five years from an East Side apartment. While Baker struck a plea deal that could yet reduce her felony charge to the equivalent of a jaywalking ticket, Gristina pleaded guilty to supplying women for a “client” who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Anna Gristina was not pushed to reveal more clients during her trial, but some juicy names are allegedly in her little black book.

Gristina, a native Scot, could yet be deported for her crime. However, District Attorney Cyrus Vance expressed little sympathy for the Soccer Mom Madam in a statement he released Wednesday:

“There is nothing glamorous about prostitution. Anna Gristina rented women’s bodies for profit, which makes her a pimp. That also makes her a felon, and the court has now issued that judgment. She has no one to blame but herself for her decisions.”

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