Barack Obama Off Duty But Still Hanging Out With Justin Trudeau

Former U.S. President Barack Obama tasted ‘sexy old world wines’ with his close pal Justin Trudeau, who also happens to be Canadian Prime Minister.

Even though Barack Obama has been out of the White House for a while, he still doesn’t mind meeting with world leaders, especially when it also involves grabbing a bite and enjoying a few sips of exquisite wine!

Canada’s attention was glued to Montreal’s Liverpool House on Tuesday night, where Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau showed what their “bromance” really looks like.

Barack Obama was in the Canadian Prime Minister’s hometown not just to savor fine wine, but also to speak at an event organized by the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, according to the Daily Mail.

Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau surely kept their bodyguards and private drivers busy that night, as they had to wait for one of the world’s most influential politicians for hours outside Liverpool Inside.

But the bodyguards certainly did not have the opportunity to watch funny YouTube videos to distract themselves (or whatever bodyguards do to not go insane from all the seriousness of their job), as hundreds of people gathered outside the restaurant to get a glimpse of Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.

Inside the eatery, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau sat at a dinner table and, according to the Obama Foundation’s tweet, “discussed their shared commitment to developing the next generation of leaders,” though the mention of U.S. President Donald Trump’s name securely did pop up quite a few times throughout the conversation.

Both vocal critics of Trump and his policies, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau surely had plenty of Trump-related and -unrelated things to discuss, as they sipped on “sexy old world wines” (especially given that the conversation took place just days after POTUS announced the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement).

Less than two hours after the Obama Foundation’s tweet, Justin Trudeau shared a similar photo of him in the middle of a friendly chitchat with Barack Obama.

While it’s unclear what Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau ate during their private dinner, a description on the eatery’s website describes the restaurant as “seaside cottage charm and bustling oyster counter [with] sexy old world wines, and crazy fresh market food.”

Plus, glasses of wine are seen on both the Obama Foundation and Justin Trudeau’s photos, so the mystery “sexy old world wines” were surely involved in the conversation!

Trump was most likely on the minds of both Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau during their chat, as the former POTUS didn’t shy away from blasting the current U.S. President at his hour-long speech at Montreal’s Palais des congrès.

During his speech, which by the way wasn’t attended by Justin Trudeau for some reason, Barack Obama lambasted the Trump administration’s decision to pull out of the Paris accord, which Obama has spent years advocating for.

After hours of chatting, eating, and possibly sipping on wine, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau exited Liverpool House and the crowd gathered outside the eatery erupted in cheers.

Both the former POTUS and Canadian Prime Minister couldn’t contain their excitement and shock at the number of people gathered just to catch a glimpse of them leaving the restaurant.

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So Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau made sure their exit was worth the wait, as the two pals gave each other a long hug goodbye and said a few final words as they headed to their heavily guarded SUVs.

The two probably realized that it’s unclear when they’ll meet again, but when they do, they will surely have more Trump-related stuff to discuss.

[Featured Image by Peter Foley/Getty Images]