Doomsday Prepper Raided By FBI For Criticizing Obama

Sharpsburg, MD – A “Doomsday Prepper” was raided by the FBI after criticizing President Obama. The prepper became a target for Maryland police and the FBI after 46-year-old Terry Porter told an undercover cop that he was “very irritated” about Barack Obama’s re-election. An anonymous tip had led to the investigation, which eventually resulted in the prepper’s home being raided by 150 armed officers, helicopters, SWAT crews, armored vehicles and even excavation equipment.

According to, the anonymous tip claimed Terry Porter was “getting crazier and crazier” because he was stockpiling “10 to 15 machine gun-style firearms” at his home in Sharpsburg where he had built an underground bomb shelter and installed surveillance cameras. An undercover officer pretended to be a potential customer for Porter’s welding business. Porter openly admitted to being a doomsday prepper, and criticized Obama during the conversation.

While this was not illegal, the investigation led police to the discovery that Porter had a 1992 felony drug conviction and was therefore barred from owning firearms. This discovery led to the large scale raid which resulted in much ado about nothing. The FBI recovered only “four shotguns, a .30-30-caliber rifle and two .22-caliber rifles” with no machine guns in sight. The prepper was not even home at the time.

A massive manhunt ensued, with multiple special response units combing the area. Terry Porter apparently heard about the FBI raid since he turned himself in the next morning at Hagerstown Barrack.

The cost and the scope of this massive operation is being questioned by some in the media. Porter’s possession of guns merely provided a justification for the police raid and came to light only after authorities began to investigate him over his anti-Obama statements.

“The fact that 20 years before he had a drug conviction enabled the FBI to carry out a raid they would have never even considered if it wasn’t for the fact that they knew that the man was preparing and was distrustful of the government,” said the Intel Hub. “To say the raid was simply for illegal possession of firearms is to ignore all the facts of this horrific story.”

Porter’s neighbors were angry that the government wasted their time with this raid, calling it “a big waste of taxpayer money.” Some claimed that they “would feel safe leaving his kids with the man.” Porter had not broken any laws in the 20 years since the drug conviction and some think the response was due only to Porter being a Doomsday Prepper.

“It was ridiculous for (the man), who would not hurt another person for anything,” said 35-year-old Heather Hamilton who lived around the corner from Porter. “Unless you would attack him, he’s not going to go after anyone.”

Even as Doomsday Preppers become more accepted by the general public following Hurricane Sandy, many other Doomsday Preppers have apparently been under extra scrutiny by the Obama administration. The FBI has reportedly characterized bulk food buying as a “potential terrorist activity.” One prepper featured in National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show was declared “mentally defective” and put on an FBI list that stripped him of his second amendment rights just because he went in for a doctor’s visit for chest pains.

What do you think about this Doomsday Prepper being raided by the FBI? Did they simply overreact to a criticism of President Obama or do you think this an orchestrated effort by the Federal government to crack down on organized dissenters?