Kim Zolciak’s ‘Real Housewives’ Hissy: Reality TV Star Cracks

Real Housewives‘ Kim Zolciak has had enough — or at least she did, during a recent on-camera tantrum she attributes to cast member backbiting and snippiness.

People magazine covered Kim Zolciak’s rant from an extended Real Housewives Of Atlanta clip, in which the reality show star swears at the camera after a dustup with her TV fellows, including Ne Ne Leakes.

In it, Zolciak fumes about what she says is two-faced behavior, vowing to quit the drama due to the in-fighting.

Kim says:

“I’ve just had it … I don’t need this f––ing drama. And these b––ches are not my friends. I don’t know any of these f––ing ladies anymore. One day they’re one way, the next day they’re another.”

The mag indicates that Zolciak later said she felt physically at risk during the verbal altercation, and that she feared jeopardizing her pregnancy by remaining involved.

She said:

“My main concern at that time was my son in my stomach … They can all come and attack me, I can handle myself and I’ve proven that over the years, but for me I had my son’s health that I had to think about.”

kim-zolciak post baby twitter photo 2012

Not surprisingly, the females fighting on TV situation did not harm her unborn child, and the Tardy To The Party singer later gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Kash Kade Biermann, in August.

According to People, Kim Zolciak may be appearing in a Real Housewives spin off, which could be the reason she felt comfortable engaging in a dramatic exit from the property.