Ryan Sutter Opens Up About Trista’s Seizure

Ryan Sutter has opened up about his wife’s seizure. Just days after the first-ever Bachelorette revealed that she had a frightening experience involving her health while on vacation with her family in Croatia, her husband took to social media to express how he’s been feeling. Ryan Sutter wrote about how his experience as a firefighter and how that helped him with the emergency in the moment, but when something so traumatic happens to someone you love, a lot of thinking goes on in the aftermath.

“I’ve had this picture to post for a few days. I just haven’t been sure what to say? Like my mind, the photo has sat as a ‘draft.’ In limbo. A bit confused. It was taken one day after my wife, unexpectedly and without a definitive cause, seized violently in front of her family on a shuttle bus full of strangers. In almost 17 years as a firefighter, my experience has trained me to address the immediate emergency. However, little in my 42 years of life prepared me for the confusion and contemplation that remains after the tide of immediacy has settled,” Ryan Sutter wrote on Instagram.

He went on to talk about how he has been coping and how he and Trista are moving forward from the seizure. He said that the support that they have received has been instrumental in the healing process. Although those moments won’t soon be forgotten, Trista is okay, and the two must do their best to continue living life.

“What has helped is the outpouring of kindness received from our friends, family and even those that we’ve never personally met. Without a doubt, you have been instrumental in the healing process and a humbling source of strength for @tristasutter and I. So, with that message, I post this simple picture. It’s my wife – at her best — capturing life as she always has, though now through a more meaningful lens,” Ryan Sutter added.

The 44-year-old mother-of-two (she and Ryan are parents to Max, 9, and Blakesley, 8, both of whom were present when Trista had her seizure) has not revealed what might have caused her seizure. It is unknown if she is undergoing tests or if doctors know what might have caused the seizure. Trista and Ryan have not given any further updates on Trista’s health since she collapsed.

As you can see from her lengthy post above, Trista found herself really thinking about life after the traumatic experience. She is very grateful to the people who helped her and her family and seems very introspective. It is unknown if the Sutters will share any more information about Trista’s seizure or what might have caused it.

For the time being, fans are praying for Trista and hoping that she recovers from this and has a healthy life moving forward. Hundreds (if not thousands) of people have sent their well-wishes to Trista after learning of her seizure. As she and Ryan both mention in their respective Instagram posts, the outpouring of support has been really great. It’s wonderful to know that people care and to have a feeling that you’re not alone when you go through such hard times.

Trista does seem to have recovered from her seizure and is still enjoying life. She has posted quite a few photos from her family vacation, and she has been all smiles in each one.

Trista and Ryan Sutter met on The Bachelorette back in 2002. The couple said their “I do’s” about a year later in December 2003. Are you a fan of Trista and Ryan? Were you surprised to hear that Trista suffered a seizure?

[Featured Image by Paul Morigi/Getty Images]