‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Has Visions Dancing In Her Head-Is This Part Of Helena’s Curse?

Things have been going great for Sam Morgan on ABC’s General Hospital. She has two beautiful kids with Jason and has led somewhat of a quiet life, despite what happened with Jake at the Nurses Ball. Now that things have settled down a bit, Jason and Sam can get on with raising their family, right? It is never that simple when it comes to soaps. It looks like Sam is headed for a bit of a rough patch, which will have her questioning her future with Jason.

General Hospital spoilers, coming from SheKnows Soaps, teases that Sam will soon have visions that will overwhelm her. These could either be premonitions of what may happen in the future, or her subconscious mind is overwhelmed with anxiety from the drama with Jake, Jason, and the Chimera project that was almost unleashed in Port Charles. Whatever the underlying issue may be, these visions will leave the mother-of-two alarmed and confused.

Could this all be a part of the curse that Helena bestowed on Sam before she supposedly died? After all, the Cassadine matriarch was able to program her mind control on both Jason and Jake. Why not plant visions in Sam’s head? That is probably not the case, but Sam has always had that curse in the back of her mind. Remember that she has had Helena invade her dreams before.

With the recent General Hospital spoilers that say Jason will be working with Sonny once again, Sam could start to have a sense of dread about him getting hurt in whatever he gets involved in. Ever since her husband came back from the dead, she has vowed to make sure that he is safe as possible. He has not gone back to work for Sonny so far, but that may change soon, and it could become an issue for Jason’s wife.

There is definitely drama headed their way as more spoilers from Soap Central suggests that a marriage will be tested. It is expected that Jason and Sam’s relationship will be in trouble because of either Jason’s willingness to get back in with Sonny, or his need to find answers when it comes to Helena. He wants to resolve what happened to him and Jake on Cassadine Island. He could also do his own investigation to make sure that Helena is truly dead to keep his family safe.

However, it looks like Sam may not be quite safe enough as more General Hospital spoilers hint that she will be facing an enemy soon. This could all tie into her visions that she will struggle with. Who is this enemy? Could it be Helena or someone else?

It could always be Franco that is the enemy she confronts. It doesn’t matter that the Morgans worked with Franco and Elizabeth to keep Jake safe. Sam still hates him for what he did to her, and it doesn’t look like she will forgive him or trust him anytime soon. Franco is expected to be confronting his past once again so he and Liz can move on with their relationship. This could very well include what he did to Sam.

Before this all happens, Sam is expected to take some time for herself this week. In the previews for Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, she is seen with Alexis relaxing a bit. Her mom seems to be a little concerned about her as she asks if she is okay. Sam looks a bit dazed. Is she just exhausted from having a second child to take care of or is this a prelude to the visions that she will have dancing in her head soon?

It sounds like Sam Morgan will have her own adventure. Many JaSam fans are thrilled that she and Jason are happy and settled down with their two kids, but Sam is not one to stay still for very long. What do you think Sam’s visions will be about?

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