Kim Kardashian Blasts Caitlyn Jenner For Kris Comments, Says She Has 'No Decency'

Kim Kardashian is not messing around when it comes to protecting her mother, Kris Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner recently released her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, where her marriage to Kris is discussed. Kardashian warned Caitlyn on Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that negative comments about Kris were essentially off-limits.

"Mom's obviously upset about it so … if those are your feelings those are your feelings, but mom feels a certain way about you and she has the right," Kardashian told Caitlyn in the episode. "I'm going to read it and tell you honestly … Talk bad about my mom, I come for you."

Caitlyn defended herself by explaining that she went through her own struggles and some of that had to do with Kris.

"This book, it's my story," Caitlyn said. "Everybody has stuff in life that they have to deal with and this was my stuff and this is how I dealt with it."

Kardashian read the entirety of The Secrets of My Life and wasn't exactly pleased with how Kris and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner family were depicted. Caitlyn says that Kris was often yelling during their marriage, was to blame for barely ever seeing sister Pam Mettler over the course of two decades, was largely in charge of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians finances to a controlling fashion, and much more. Caitlyn also says that Kendall Jenner "is the most down-to-earth of the K girls" in the family, which may have implied that the other kids were more high maintenance.

Keeping Up
'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' stars [Image by Brian Bowen Smith/E!]

Kendall may be "the most down-to-earth" among the K girls, but even she was upset with Caitlyn's comments in The Secrets of My Life, as seen on the latest Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"I think what upset me the most about my dad's book is what she had said about my family," Kendall said on the show. "Because at the end of the day she raised the Kardashians and at the end of the day the Kardashians are still part of my blood, so I understand where my mom's coming from a bit more now."

Kim said on the E! reality show that she was pretty fed up with Caitlyn continuously throwing their family under the bus to the public.

"If you turn on my mom and you continue to bash us, I cant — even for the sake of my sisters — spend time with someone who doesn't care about my mother," Kim said. "Like, enough already.... My mom has been so fair to Cait and Cait has no decency towards her whatsoever. I don't think my mom has to try anymore. It's time to move on."

Meanwhile, Kris was very upset about Caitlyn's depiction of her in The Secrets of My Life. She admitted on an April episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that she was "angry and disappointed" by what Caitlyn wrote about her, even suggesting that she was lying.

Kardashian family
The Kardashian/Jenner family [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

"None of it makes sense," Kris said. "Everything she says is all made up. Why does everything have to be that Kris is such a b***h and an a**hole?... I really tried hard to improve the relationship and spend a little bit of time, thinking maybe there's something here that I'm not seeing. I've done nothing but open up my home and my heart to a person who doesn't give a s**t. So, I'm done."

On top of exposing her thoughts on the Kardashian family, Caitlyn's memoir delves into her gender dysphoria and her journey towards accepting herself and ultimately coming out as transgender. The Secrets of My Life is out now.

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