Former Superstar Says Jinder Mahal Steroid Accusations ‘Makes No Sense At All’

Ever since Jinder Mahal was pushed to the top of the WWE, fans have speculated that he is using steroids and performance-enhancing drugs to achieve the body that Vince McMahon prefers in his superstars. There was even a bodybuilder last week who said the signs were there that Jinder was using steroids, and he asked the WWE to test him. However, former WWE superstar Matt Morgan spoke out on this during the Wrestling Inc. podcast on Sunday and said the steroid accusations made no sense at all.

According to Morgan, there is no way that Jinder Mahal is working the dates he is working and holding the WWE world title without getting tested for steroids on regular occasions. Morgan said that the WWE tested him plenty of times for steroids and there is no way that the company is making a special exception for Jinder Mahal.

“So I’m just trying to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. Out of them all… all of them, right? We’re going to let Jinder Mahal take steroids?! Are you high? Are you high? It makes no sense at all.”

Matt Morgan has a point. The WWE suspended Roman Reigns at the height of his WWE world title push when he failed the wellness tests. They have suspended names like Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio over the years for failing the drug tests. Why would they let Jinder Mahal get away with taking steroids?

Former Superstar Says Jinder Mahal Steroid Accusations 'Makes No Sense At All'
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Matt Morgan even pointed out how it makes sense that Jinder Mahal is legitimately developing his body without using steroids. Morgan said that he counts every single carb and protein that comes into his body. Matt also said that television makes a person look bigger, and anyone who sees Jinder Mahal in person would not think he is as big as they think.

“There are so many guys that failed this thing… That lost time, that they had to take the title belts off of, they had to do all types of things to recreate their TV because these guys were either on the gas or part of that pharmacy.”

This also falls in line with what Jinder Mahal himself has said when asked about how he developed his new muscular physique without the use of steroids. None other than GQ interviewed Mahal about his career and how he maintains his jacked physique.

Jinder Mahal said that he started his new diet on June 1, 2016, and before that, he lived on eating a lot of junk food and drinking beer. He has said that he is Straight Edge now, has cut out all beer and drugs, and is doing it all the right way.

Former Superstar Says Jinder Mahal Steroid Accusations 'Makes No Sense At All'
[Image by WWE]

Jinder Mahal said he wakes up and does 25 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach. He then eats oats, whey powder protein, and a banana for breakfast. He does a 90-minute workout after that. He then stretches for 30 minutes and eats his next meal, which is the same as his first.

An hour after that, he eats meals that he orders from a meal-prep company every two hours. This includes chicken and rice or turkey and pasta. Jinder Mahal did say he uses supplements such as amino acids, magnesium supplements, multivitamins, and creatine.

None of those are against the WWE wellness policy, and none of them are considered performance-enhancing drugs. Jinder Mahal also drinks two gallons of water every day.

Of course, at the end of the day, if WWE wrestling fans believe that Jinder Mahal is using steroids, no one will believe otherwise no matter what Mahal or Matt Morgan says and no matter how many tests the WWE administers.

It also doesn’t help that the WWE has made it clear that wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, who failed a drug test in the UFC, are not required to take drug tests for steroids in the WWE as part-time stars.

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