‘The White Princess’ Season 2: Are There Any Stories Left To Tell? [Spoilers]

The White Princess Season 1 has officially ended. As many fans expected based on the last few episodes, the show finished with ‘The Boy’s’ execution at Lizzie’s hands. She has become the woman she hated the most: her mother-in-law. Now there are many fans hoping for a second season. The big question is whether there are even any stories to tell now that the first season has ended.

Elizabeth of York’s history doesn’t end with her (possible) brother’s execution. At the start of The White Princess Season 1 fans expected the show to end with Lizzie’s death. However, the show took a different route and has ended around 1499, even though Lizzie died in 1503. That gives four years of Lizzie’s life left to the imagination right now.

There are certainly stories to tell in those last four years of life, especially with the regret that Lizzie will now feel after allowing ‘The Boy’ to be executed to save her husband and her children. For those who don’t know the real history of Elizabeth of York, there will be spoilers about her life and potential storylines for The White Princess Season 2 should it happen.

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Heavy notes that Lizzie and Henry haven’t been through the death of their elder son Arthur yet. The heir to the throne marries Catherine of Aragon, but six months later dies. History isn’t completely certain of his cause of death, with consumption (now known as tuberculosis) and the sweating sickness blamed. All that is known is he and his wife were ill, and only Catherine pulled through.

Henry and Lizzie were understandably devastated by their loss. This was the heir to the throne; the boy that all hopes had been placed upon. He was strategically named Arthur to rally the English people and secure his right to the throne. Now the royal couple have to turn their attention to younger son Henry, who was being raised for a life in the clergy.

Soon after Arthur’s death, Lizzie finds out she is pregnant. She then has to go through a labor that eventually kills her; a labor of a daughter who doesn’t survive for more than a few days. The two were buried together, leaving Henry distraught that he had lost his wife less than a year after losing his son.

Should The White Princess Season 2 happen and continue after Lizzie’s death, it could tell the story of Henry’s remaining years. There is the story of the poverty that Catherine was forced to live in as Dowager Princess of Wales and the uncertainty of whom she would marry next: Henry VII of England or his son Prince Henry.

Henry VII never remarried, but he certainly spent time looking for a bride. This could be another focus, potentially bringing Lizzie back in Henry’s dreams as Henry struggles with what he should do moving forward.

The White Princess Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed as canceled or renewed yet. Starz did say that the show was just a “limited series,” suggesting that it will not get a second season. However, Little Big Lies was also supposed to be a mini-series and was picked up for a second season. The same could happen for the Philippa Gregory novel adaptation if there were enough fans.

Bustle suggests that Starz may take a few years off before creating a The White Princess Season 2. Rather than focusing on Lizzie, the show may adapt a new Tudor novel to continue the story of this time period. This would mimic how Starz took over The White Princess and adapted the series years after its parent show, The White Queen. One story that may be worth telling now is Catherine of Aragon’s, through the Gregory novel The Constant Princess. There are certainly plenty of heartbreaking and interesting stories to adapt from that novel.

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