‘Yuri On Ice’ Characters Visit ‘Steven Universe,’ Yuri And Victor Holding Hands In The Background

Yuri on Ice Season 2 remains unconfirmed, but if you’re missing the characters, why not read some Steven Universe comics? Four characters from the anime crossed over to this week’s No. 4 issue to visit some Renaissance Faire, where Steven shows Peridot how humans can have some fun.

Yuri On Ice Spotted In Steven Universe

The Steven Universe comic issue has the gang Steven, Peridot, and Amethyst going on a local Renaissance Faire for some down time. Amethyst wants her turkey while Peridot enjoys her weapons. While they are busy, the Yuri on Ice gang also takes a break from ice skating to visit the fair.

According to Kotaku, lovers Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov can be seen holding hands at the background with some flower crowns on their head. The couple is obviously having fun while the other pair also casually shows up walking behind Steven. Fan-favorites Yuri Plisetsky and Otabek Altin also seems to be enjoying, though we can’t exactly tell with Otabek’s face.

As it turns out, Steven Universe illustrator Katy Farina is a fan of the anime. You can tell that she is a genuine fan, as Otabek’s eternally apathetic face is spot on. When asked by Anime News Network what compelled her to draw the Yuri on Ice characters, she said that she regularly does this to have fun with drawing backgrounds, which is a boring task otherwise. It also makes for nice Easter eggs for the readers who may also be a fan of YoI.

Farina also explained that the anime has inspired her in dark times. The uphill journey of the protagonist Yuri inspired her to move forward, and whenever she’s faced with a difficulty, she looks back to the lessons she learned in Yuri on Ice.

“When it was airing I was feeling so discouraged and unmotivated. Watching Yūri work hard and learn to find confidence in himself inspired me to do the same. I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

Yuri On Ice Season 2 Release Date Still Unknown

Meanwhile, the second season of the acclaimed anime is still unconfirmed. The Inquisitr previously reported that an October 2017 release might be on the cards only because the first season aired in October last year. But animes do not necessarily release a new season each year like U.S. TV shows no matter how high the ratings of Season 1 are.

Attack on Titan, for example, first premiered in 2013. Critics and viewers raved about the story and the production, yet the second season followed four years after in April 2017. This goes to show that developing a full season is not that easy to pull off.

Moreover, the Yuri on Ice movie further complicates the chances of a Season 2 happening this year. Den of Geek reports that the studio behind the franchise is not likely to release a movie and a season in the same year, which is understandable because animations take time to produce.

On that note, we don’t even know yet if there will be a Season 2. Although Yuri on Ice creator Mitsurou Kubo expressed her interest on working on a next season, the decision does not solely depend on her. After the decision making, then there is the production period that will take months.

Still, fans are hoping for a continuation to the Yuri on Ice story past the first season and the movie. The anime bagged several awards from institutions, so we know that the story and the quality is there. However, both factors should still be present in the next season so as not to disappoint fans. If fans wants the same quality on Season 2, they have to be willing to wait.

Check out this new routine by Yurio, which is included in the Yuri on Ice Blu-Ray.

[Featured Image by Steven Universe/Facebook]