‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Samsung Galaxy S8 Is The Most Expensive Phone Yet

Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean are going to love the Samsung Galaxy S8. But, there’s one catch. It’s quite a pricey phone. It’s unclear why it’s so pricey in the first place. Maybe because it’s designed to emulate the latest movie, out now in theaters. According to a new report, people will have to pay $880 for this new phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is made for pirates. It’s also perfect for fans of Johnny Depp and the popular Pirates of the Caribbean films. The Galaxy S8 has been a hit for Samsung. It’s on par with Apple’s iPhone 8. The Galaxy S8 is doing so well that it’s selling better than its predecessors. That doesn’t mean that Samsung will stop putting out the stops when it comes to selling more units this year. The tech company is hoping to outsell Apple with its latest Galaxy S8 phone.

The Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Special Edition features a shushing Johnny Depp on the screen. Samsung previously partnered up with movie studios on its previous handsets. So, it’s not shocking that Samsung would team up with one of the blockbuster movies of the year for this latest handset. You can’t plunk down $880 for the Galaxy S8 just yet.

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According to GizmoChina, the special edition model is only available on JD.com for a limited time. You can purchase it for $880. It won’t be available at retailers or through U.S. service providers. Unlike the previous models, the special edition will come in its own treasure chest. The package itself includes a protective case and a special holder. You may want not want to use it. Instead, you may just want to use the treasure chest to display this special phone. With such a steep price, why would you want to use it? It’s kind of a collector’s edition at that point.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S8 doesn’t feature any Pirates of the Caribbean decor on it. It’s a regular Galaxy S8 smartphone. But, when you turn on the phone, you’ll see the Dead Men Tell No Tales theme splashed throughout. Since this phone is so expensive, you may want to use the special casing that comes with the handset. The Galaxy S8’s glass can break, especially when dropped.

Other than the Pirates of the Caribbean treasure box and accessories, there aren’t many changes added to the phone. It comes equipped with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 12MP Dual Pixel camera. If you are a die-hard Captain Jack Sparrow or Pirates of the Caribbean fan, then you may want to get this exclusive kit. Otherwise, you can just install Pirates of the Caribbean-themed wallpaper on your own Galaxy S8 phone. You also have the option to save your money and buy knockoffs.

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This news comes after images of the S8+ in pink leaked. According to GSM Arena, high-definition photos of the Galaxy S8+ in both Maple and Rose Gold leaked onto the internet. Only the Galaxy S8+ was pictured in the photos. It’s unclear whether the same color options will be offered for the Galaxy S8. The same thing happened with S7 generation. A Rose Gold variant was optioned a few months later after the S7+ launch.

Samsung has yet to make an official confirmation on these color variants. Also rumored was an Amethyst version that has never seen the light of day. Let us know your thoughts. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S8 Pirates of the Caribbean Special Edition? Would you spend $880 on it? Or, do you think it’s not worth the money? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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