‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout Battling Her Own Addiction? She Comes Clean After Her Ex Ryan Edwards Enters Rehab

Maci Bookout’s ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, has been at the center of drug rumors over the past year, but is she also battling addiction behind closed doors? The Teen Mom OG star recently admitted that alcohol is starting to create a lot of problems in her marriage to Taylor McKinney. Will she get help before their relationship falls apart?

According to Radar Online, Bookout dished on her alcohol problems during a new sneak peek for Teen Mom OG. After admitting that raising three kids is a handful, the reality star revealed that she and McKinney turn to alcohol when things get rough.

“Obviously having three kids is catching up to us. Eighty five percent of the time we’re good to go. The 15 percent is hell. All of our stress and emotions we take out on each other. When the cameras leave we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always literally the smallest things. It’s such small stuff but it blows up.”

The marital problems are a big surprise for the Teen Mom couple, who rarely fight on the show. In fact, the drama is usually centered on Bookout’s ex, who is constantly fighting rumors of drug abuse. On a recent installment, People reports that Bookout finally came clean about Edwards’ drug issues and admitted that he needs professional help.

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“I’m going to be like, you have to go to rehab,” she said to McKinney. “Right now, it’s about saving his life. Most nights I’m crying in our bed talking to you about whether or not today is the day he’s going to die.”

Bookout later added that she worries that Edwards might die from a drug overdose. She then thanked McKinney for standing by her through all the drama and said she appreciates his support. He shares one son with Bookout, who also has two kids with McKinney.

Edwards’ fiancée, Mackenzie Standifer, confirmed the rumors after the episode of Teen Mom OG aired. She even blasted fans for criticizing her future husband and asked for more support. Despite Edwards’ addiction, it sounds like Standifer is still following through with the wedding.

“Here’s a thought… maybe instead of making assumptions and tearing people down, you could spend that time praying for us instead,” she wrote. “Strong is beautiful.”

Mackenzie Standifer and Ryan Edwards [Image by MTV]

Bookout brought the issue up again during a conversation with Amber Portwood and Catelynn Lowell. OK! Magazine reports that her friends asked why Edwards hasn’t gone to rehab yet, and Bookout revealed that his family is getting in the way. She explained how they are all in denial and worry about how it might affect Edwards’ public image.

Edwards got into a major confrontation with his family last season. Things got so bad that his father kicked him out of the house, and fans speculated that it had something to do with his drug habit. Edwards made amends with his father during the season reunion, but it sounds like his family life still isn’t healthy.

This also isn’t the first time Edwards has faced drug rumors. Fans noticed his odd behavior last season and thought he was high during production. The same thing happened this year, and it appears as though Bookout’s confessional confirms what everyone thought. Whether this means that Edwards will go to rehab is yet to be seen. Fans can only hope that Edwards gets the help he needs, both for his own personal health and for Bentley’s sake.

Bookout hasn’t said if her drinking problems are related to Edwards’ addiction.

Ryan Edwards has reportedly finally decided to face his addictions and has entered rehab. According to US Weekly, he has been there for just over two weeks.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV, check out a sneak peek below.

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